Flower Boy Next Door

When the news first came out, I couldn’t contain my joy. I’m glad this is one of the few dramas that didn’t have any casting rumors. All the people who signed up for this are great! I can’t wait for next week to come already!!!! The numerous (I’ve lost count actually) promo materials doesn’t help contain that! This post might take awhile to load if ever….

The third installment in the “Flower Boy” series is entitled Flower Boy Next Door. Oh Boy was a project of cable channel tvN that kicked off last year to target the young teenage demographic (since the Big Three stations mostly target 20-something and 30-something audiences, as well as the ajumma viewer base). Both Flower Boy dramas (Flower Boy Ramyun ShopShut Up: Flower Boy Band) have been ratings successes and became buzz shows. So third time will most likely be a charm as well!

It’s based on an existing webtoon called I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day. It’s an upbeat, lively story that centers around Go Dok Mi who is described as a modern Rapunzel, who hides from the world, living in self-imposed seclusion, but she is caught by Enrique spying on the man next door. Despite her isolation, Dok Mi’s innate charms strike men in awe.

PD Jung Jung-hwa (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) will be at the helm, while screenwriter Kim Eun-jung (Gabi) is penning the scripts. Just like the first two series, Flower Boy Next Door one will be a Monday-Tuesday romantic comedy running for 16 episodes. It premieres on January 7, 2013. Check out their official website for more!


Park Shin-hye (You’ve Fallen For Me). She plays Go Dok-mi, which is a play on the word for lonely (go-dok). She makes it a daily ritual to spy on Han Tae Joon, a gentle doctor who lives across her building



Yoon Shi-yoon (Me Too, Flower!). He plays Enrique Geum, a fashionable creative director with charm out the wazoo and “superior genes.” Enrique is described as a genius creative director and a stylish bohemian who loves soccer. One day, he catches Go Dok Mi spying, but I think he mistakenly believes she has been eyeing him.



Kim Ji-hoon (Joeson X-Files) He plays Oh Jin Rak, a rather clumsy novice webtoon writer with an exotic, offbeat charm and a unique fashion philosophy. He is  attractive despite his difficult, stubborn, and rude personality. He’s also unashamed to express his jealous emotions in front of the girl he likes. He has assumed the role of Go Dok Mi’s protector, which puzzles the heroine.


Go Kyung-pyo (Standby). He plays the Oh Dong Hoon, assistant to Oh Jin Rak who also freeloads off him. In fact, his chicanery is well-known around the neighborhood, despite his charms and good looks.

Kouki Mizuta (Holy Court). He plays Watanabe, a Japanese international student, who might also be living with Oh Jin Rak.

Kim Jeong San. He plays Han Tae Joon, a gentle doctor who’s also Go Dok Mi’s object of affection and Enrique’s cousin. Unbeknownst to him, Dok Mi, who lives across his building, has been watching him at all times of the day everyday.

Park Su-jin (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store) She plays Cha Do Hui, an businesswoman who runs an Internet shopping mall. She projects an elegant and sociable image. However, she’s got history with Go Dok Mi dating back to their schoolgirl days, and somehow, their paths will cross again in the present.

Kim Yoon-hye (I Need a Fairy)  She plays Seo Young, Enrique’s first love and carefree best friend. She’s the kind of person who throws herself wholeheartedly after something she wants. She loves Han Tae Joon and her feelings seem to be reciprocated by the young physician.





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