Da Capo III First Impressions

Third times the charm?

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good

Anyway, many people might have been confused.There was a-pre aired episode with some dialogues, content, and animation from episode 1. Episode 0 was just a montage of the previous Da Capo openings/endings and a little preview (5 minutes) of Da Capo 3 animation.

Summary: It begins with Kiyotaka’s dream of the cherry blossom. When he wakes up, he’s in the Newspaper Club. They’ll be writing on a magica-theme report.  This will be the theme to beat the unofficial newspaper club, personally Suginami. The rest of the members suggest others topics such as a graduation and White Day Special. They all go walk to the dead Everlasting Sakura Tree and mention stories they’ve heard about it. They all make a wish on the tree, which it’s an obvious one based on the kind of series we’re dealing. Once Kiyotaka opens his eyes, the Cherry Blossom Tree awakens. They all receive the same message in their phones. Weirder is that it was sent from 1951.  This occurrence was big news. Suginami challenges them to delve deeper in the mystery, which Ricca gladly accept.

Initial Rating: 8/10


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