Amnesia First Impressions

[HorribleSubs_Amnesia_-_01_720p.mkv_s%255B65%255D.jpg]I hope this anime will use the amnesia device correctly. 


Expectations: Indifferent

Verdict: Middling


Summary: A girl by the name of Toma, wakes from a dream with no recollection. Two males appear and take her home. In the house, the spirit Orion introduces himself and tells her she has to get her memory back through her interaction with people. Back in the café, she attempts to continue working but ends up making many mistakes. She manages to keep up until the end of the day.  But when she arrives home, she gets confronted and a sudden unpleasant memory returns. This causes her to faint.


Thoughts: First off, it has a nice OP that gives off some mysterious vibe. The color schemes used are also pretty nice, it’s bright on the characters (particularly the grunge eyes) but dark when it comes to the background. But I’m bit bothered with how the males are drawn. True, they have handsome bishojo faces but their limbs are almost like a female’s. But I like the drawing style even though it’s quite simple. As for the story, I’m undecided how I feel about it. I like the dark premonition clouding the story but it’s only slated for 12 episodes. I doubt it’ll delve deeper in the darkness realm. It probably will focus on her cheesy interactions with the men here. The setting of the café just proves it might stick to that direction… sadly. I think Orion as a character is a good twist but what right does he have to dictate Toma’s live? His character is just too suspecting of everyone that it gets annoying towards the end.


Initial Rating: 7/10



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