Minami-Ke Tadaima First Impressions

[Minami-ke%2520Tadaima%2520-%2520OP%2520-%2520Large%252005%255B3%255D.jpg]And they’re officially back! 


Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good


Summary: We got a pretty traditional four-chapter episode here. Chiaki, the youngest of the three introducing her two sisters. The first part begins with Kana’s test result which came out. The result isn’t good so she gets Keiko to teach with the help of the new character Miyuki.  But her plan backfires on her. The second one is when Uchida visits their house. She and Kana try to have a childish revenge fight. The scene was about Kana being bothered by this love fortune she received. The third is quite brief but Kana suspects Fujioka might be the person she’s been waiting for. Then it ends with the removing of the kotatsu argument.


Thoughts: It’s been awhile since the last season so it’s good they reintroduced us with the characters. There’s not much to say but it continues with the tone it has well-established before. It’s light and very relaxing with tons of funny jabs from Kana. All in it was passable, but nothing spectacular really happened. I think it’s because Haruka’s narrative was missing.


Initial Rating: 7.5/10


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