Flower Boy Next Door First Impressions

With big names attached to this project, the bigger the expectations as well. But the Oh Boy! franchise never fails to bring in something good. 

Expectations: High

Verdict: Very Good

Summary: It begins with how Dok Mi usually spends her morning copying her neighbor crush. Then it switches to Enrique arriving in the airport. At the end, he bumps into Seo Young. After that we go to Jin Rak and Dong Hoon who was told that his webtoon won’t be published because it was plagiarized from Enrique. He suddenly invents an idea of a melodrama of a girl spying on a flower boy. HAHAHA, so that’s how they got the title. He later leads a demonstration. As for Dok Mi, she spies on her neighbor who comes back earlier who’s hot pot accidently falls on his dog.  She finally goes out of the room to attempt to tell him. But she couldn’t do that. Back to Enrique, he tells Seo Young that he knows her heart is with his cousin, Han Tae Joon. He goes back to the apartment and bumps into a worried Dok Mi. Frightened, she runs back to her apartment. Wanatabe arrives and is moving in the apartment room beside Jin Rak’s. He introduces himself. Meanwhile, Dok Mi checks on Blackie. To her dismay Enrique catches her and barges into her apartment door.

All the commotion that Enrique caused made Jin Rak, Dong Hoon and Wanatabe wonders what’s going on outside. He tells all of them that he saw someone peeping at him. Even the guard has comes to apprehend him. But Dok Mi knows it was her fault and attempts to calm everything down. Luckily, Jin Rak breaks everything up neatly. Enrique doesn’t want this to slide so tries to observe her as well. Meanwhile, Jin Rak is able to get the webtoon job! After the association meeting, Enrique attempts to talk to Dok Mi, reading her thoughts and expressions. She goes to the supermarket and comes back for the demonstration that Jin Rak is leading. Finally Do Hwi makes an entrance announcing that she’s also moving in.  It’s hinted that Dok Mi had a past with her. Dok Mi recalls some bad memories and ends up fainting. When she wakes up, she’s in the apartment of Tae Joon. Enrique asks her for a favor.

Thoughts: I wasn’t too amused with the first 30 minutes but when Dok Mi and Enrique first meets, everything turned magical. Is that how good Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon’s chemistry is? Anyway, I understand the drama had to introduce the characters to us. It did a good job in making us understand the world they’re currently living in. The writer is taking her time in ensuring good development, I hope.

The characters are rather quirky. It’s great Dok Mi isn’t the extreme hikimori type that never bothers to leave the house. She talks when necessary but to a minimum. I wonder what caused this withdrawal from people? It was hinted that she was bullied. How terrible. Is her strange peeping habit a result of this? Even with that, at least she’s self-aware with other aspects. Enrique is her complete opposite. He couches everything in jokes and cute antics. Yoon Shi Yoon was so hilarious indeed. His scenes were most memorable. But I think deep inside, Enrique is actually fragile and sensitive. He tries to appear bubbly even though he’s hurt with Seo Young. I think the one-year separation was a good narrative but the scars will probably return eventually. After all, she was his anchor amidst all the anti-netizens. The other characters didn’t make a big impression on me except Kim Ji Hoon. Jin Rak is so handsome especially when he has a worried facial reaction adorably sweet.  His crush on Dok Mi seems so endearing since he knows her personality. How cute that his webtoon is about both of them. It’s serves as Dok Mi’s counterpart in all the observing people. I like how honest, respectful and level-headed he is. Even though he obviously won’t get the girl, I seriously hope he at least gets to confess and have the proper closure that he deserves.

As for the miscellaneous stuff, the music is on cue and was just as cute as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.  The directing has improved greatly. The preview confirms my suspicion that Enrique will pretend Dok Mi is his girlfriend. I truly love how he’s bringing her out to embrace the world she’s missing. I can see the beautiful inner connection between the two. I find it more exciting to know that there’s a time limit for all these since he’s going to back to Spain eventually. Jin Rak better make his move quickly because Enrique will surely sweep Dok Mi off her feet immediately. His inability to confess to approach her will take it’s toll soon enough. Episode 2 has made me officially love the drama. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us.

Initial Rating: 9 /10


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