Chihayafuru Season 2 First Impressions


Save the best for last! All the excitement I built up for this was well worth it! 😀 Chihayafuru is officially back!


Expectations: High

Verdict: Great!


Summary: The five friends worry how they would recruit first years to their club.  Kana made Taichi and Chihaya wear kimonos and speak. It sure attracted 20 people. In particular, freshman Hanano Sumire was the focus. She joined only to get Taichi’s attention. Meanwhile, the five friends were having disagreements on how to go about with the recruited freshmen.


Thoughts:  Simply perfection. I couldn’t contain myself within the first 10 seconds. The sound of the wind chimes, hand movements and kurata narration just gives me tingles. I couldn’t write without watching it at least twice. Right off the bat, the anime sweeps us off with it’s lush animation and beautiful narrative. I love how other issues aside from the self are discussed.


There were three important things  discussed. The first point is how all five of them all cared about different things. It’s true that each person is different and what they prioritize isn’t in our control. What I love about is that Chihaya tells all of them about her plans are. It’s true she’s very greedy but she’s heard out and respected for it. It would be harder to keep things to yourself and eventually hold some form of resentment because what you want wasn’t done. The second point is how they didn’t consider the first years to be as important. Chihaya cares so much about finding more people to enjoy kurata. The individual matches are indeed important in proving oneself but if you don’t have anyone to share that joy, then what’s the use? The fact that she wanted to be a strong kurata that she can come back to after graduation was nice. It shows how much Chihaya loves kurata that she’s willing to make it into a career. I was worried about her when graduates but knowing this, I’m sure she’ll be find. The third point is chasing things so as not to regret about them. Sumire is very superficial and fake but I admire her sensitivity with time. She wants to make the most of her now and will do everything she can to make it happen.


As much as I would love to blog about this, I would rather maximize my viewing experience. I don’t think the things expressed in this show could ever be explained or encapsulated. It has to be experienced and heard first hand. Everyone should support this. I would love to have a third season if possible. 🙂


Initial Rating: 10/10


2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru Season 2 First Impressions

  1. You should just blog this anyways; you’ll enjoy it regardless!

    But I’ll buzz you on Chihaya’s desires. Surely you don’t think it was her being greedy, but more of her just not thinking 🙂

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