Robotics; Notes Episode 12

We’re back after the 2 week New Year Break!


Episode 12

Kai is definitely curious about Kijima Kou more than ever. To access it, more tasks must be done. But this episode is not meant for that but rather Jun’s personal growth. 


At the workstation for the GunPro-2, there was news about Doc being very sick. Jun is worried but just so hesitant to visit Grandpa Fujita. In the end, the grandpa doesn’t want her to see him. The reason for that is the strain in their relationship because of robots.


Grandpa Fujita loved robots so much. He firmly believed that robots are friends of humans. This was until a robot fell on Jun. Doc blamed himself for everything. He killed his precious robots because of the incident. It was so painful because he chose Jun over his robots. But in the end, Jun avoided him making him live in isolation and guilt.


Jun thought robots could replace karate but she’s just too scared. This prompted her to leave the club. But Aki won’t let her go until she tells her one good thing about robots. The first step forward for Jun was when she allowed herself to remember the good things about robots. Whenever robots come to mind, she always blocked it out. That picture of Jun smiling with all the robots surrounding her was the key. She looked at the GunPro1 video to see if what her grandpa said is true.


Aki and Kai visited Doc and got the permission to bring him out. They want him to see the Robot Clinic surrounded by all the precious robots they fixed. They know he loves them so much and deep inside is glad his robots are waiting for him.


Upon seeing the Robot Clinic, it only brought back to scary memories for the Grandpa Fujita. The sequence where Yoshiro attempts to help Grandpa up with Jun controlling him was beautiful. He ends up crying and she was crying as well. It was really bittersweet when Jun and the Grandpa finally connected after years of painful silence.


It’s good to know Jun realizes it was her who was wrong. Regardless of that, she wants to overcome her fear and truly learn to love robots again. The reconciliation of Jun and her Grandpa, made Doc promise he’ll help them up with Gunvarrel when he gets better. It was nice to see his cold heart has melted.



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