Robotics; Notes Episode 13

[%255BWhyNot%255D%2520Robotics%253BNotes%2520-%252013%2520%255BAAAAE60C%255D.mkv_snapshot_00.28_%255B2013.01.19_09.41.40%255D%255B2%255D.jpg]Episode 13

While everyone was working on their robot, Ms. Nae comes by and checks on them. Later we see Aki and Subaru going to Doc’s office. It’s nice that Doc is trying to help them out as he promised. He suggested putting verniers for exhaustion. They ask Doc whether the monopole can be used for their robot. All that’s left is convincing Frau to create the program.


Frau was pretty weird and hyped up when Kai visited. The fourth report of Kijima had a similar message as a Gunvarrel episode. It was hinted a few episodes back that it had a subliminal message and it’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Frau identified 19 pictures with different letters in the buildings.


She brings up a message from her mother. It’s apparently connects what Frau recently discovered. It’s a password for Project Atom. Airi mentioned that it was when robot rebellions happened. But robot rebellion seems totally unrealistic ro Kai.


Regardless, he does the tasks Sister Centipede asks of him to obtain the fifth report. It’s an enigma like the rest. It’s a prediction that humankind would go instead basically.


The monopole caused an explosion. It split in half with the same kind of energy left behind. Doc was telling them not to worry so much about him because you need to be adventurous to discover something. It’s true, no risk, no gain.


News of a solar flare hitting the Kanto area became big news.  Aki has been attempting to contact Misa to get more information of the situation.  The flare has caused the robots to go berserk.


Frau gets a call from Hanju. She was accused of hacking the robots and causing them to go out of control. Apparently someone hacked her account. She has a panic attack. When Kai visits her, she’s in pain in the bathtub.


It’s quite an intense episode. It’s gearing to the darker side with Kona getting most of the blame. Who exactly is hacking her? Is her mother somehow related to all this? I wonder what’s with Kijima’s predictions that gets everyone so apprehensive. Is it the fact that everything is hopeless? I think the Robot the friends are building will be the key to solve everything though. Anyway, a lot more questions that need answers.



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