Robotics; Notes Episode 14

The big reveal starts to unravel.


Episode 14

The hints were gathered from the past few episodes that pertain to Kona’s character development. She has some abandonment issues. For people not to forget the Gunvarrel, her mother created, she did her best to create the Kill Ballad game. She became secluded and obsessed with this.


The fact that someone is ruining this most precious thing to her will naturally drive Kona mad. It didn’t help that her trusted outside source, Maguyan turned his back on her. He claimed he was blackmailed and attempted to create a cover-up. Too bad his stories didn’t match up right. Kona felt anxious and paranoid. She didn’t know who to trust, forcing her to close herself up even more.

She discovered that Roboratory Industry’s servers changed the password so no one can access their open cloud. Misa and her boss briefly discuss Project Mars. It’s been in development for several years with a goal to overthrow the world with robot uprising. Kona’s mom was killed to stop with her meddling. Kijima Kou died not long after. The two were using other means to warn people of RI’s evil plans.


For the urgent problem, the only way to stop out of control service robots, wrecking havoc in Tokyo, they shouldn’t lose to the CPU to be able to stop the chaos that has been happening. Kai volunteers to play the game once more for her. They do several regimens to activate the slow motion syndrome. This worked in the end.


Kona is so happy that she literally pounces on Kai. We can see her mental development is still in the phallic stage. She has strange behavior, which as we can see is quite sexual. But she’s been longing for a real person to reach out to her. The sense of touch  is that powerful to her.


While it’s obvious she taken a liking to Kai, she can’t deny she has people she can now trust. She’s not anymore alone for she has the Robotics Club. Aki, Jun and Subaru all cheered for her and even diverted the police’s attention. After her problem, she made it a point to go outside and finally interact with them. It’s quite entertaining to see Aki jealous. I wonder what kind of a love triangle this would make. Heh. :3


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