Robotics; Notes Episode 15



Episode 15

The solar flare is a hot topic. All the blame are being placed on it. It’s such a strange phenomenon that Airi is starting to appear in other Pokemon all of the sudden. 


Kai is attempting to open the sixth Kijima report. Mizuka knows that the incident when they were kids would soon resurface if ever. Signs of Airi disappearing were hinted throughout the episode. Her job is done since she was able to help Kai with all the flags.  Apparently there’s a seventh report, but Airi has no idea where it’s located. Kai ends up visiting Kijima Kou’s house. In the basement, he discovers the body of the real Airi. Yukifine Airi.


Airi reveals Kijima’s kindness with his development of Iru-o-alpha. He puts her real body to sleep, hoping that when they discover her body, there is already a cure for her illness. Kijima was hoping that the computer will bring her some happiness.


This brings up the question can a program truly replace a real experience? Is attempting to live longer in false pretense better than accepting the harsh truth? Should it only last as a fleeting dream?


Kai ended up reporting the whole thing to the police. Despite all this, Airi still has a simple wish of getting kissed on the first snow. Deep within, we all want to be loved. Whether human or not, we want to feel needed and loved. After all that, she disappeared. Sister Centipede replaces Airi officially.



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