Incarnation of Money First Impressions

I love the creative team behind Giant and History of a Salaryman. As much as I don’t have time to watch, my fondness for them caused me to try my best to at least cover the premiere week. 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Great!

Summary: It begins with a short scene of a prosecutor examining the scene where a huge inheritance was left behind. After a mysterious phone call, it is known that the Prosecutor is the owner of all these but seems like he has no recollection about it. The next parts go back to 1997. Kang Seok is able to pick up on the situation quickly. His mother has been hiding the fact that his father (Tae Hang chairman) and actress Eun Bi Ryeong had an affair. Apparently, Bi Ryeong is having another affair with Se Kwang, a man under the chairman. He was so angry upon the discovery of their betrayal and formulates a plan to kill them off. Se Kwang finds out about this beforehand and prepares his counter. At the party, all four are present. In the Chairman’s study, he attempts to shoot them but collapses instead. He ends up in a semi-comatose state. The mother gets arrested and the culprit manages to escape. They removed the president’s life support and read the will after, which all ended up in the favor of Bi Ryeong. In the end, this was the reason why she was convicted. Kang Seok tries to find out about more things regarding to the secret lover but fails to do so. He was able to identify him by accident. Later, he attempts to run away. He tries to get help but each betrayed him. He gets run over by a car and the family who caused the accident decides to adopt him.

Thoughts: This drama is definitely a hybrid of Giant and History of a Salaryman. It’s got the dark edge in the story like Giant mixed with the quirky antics of History of a Salaryman. The execution was great. The characters are slowly being fleshed out with all the minor plot developments. It’s very cut-throat and catches your interest. I don’t think I’ve seen such betrayal and hopelessness before. Park Ji Bin did an awesome job portraying Kang Seok. It was an interesting display of evil playfulness definitely. Although, I’m bothered by the colors but the camera angles are beautiful as always. The promotional materials for this were a bit low-key. I’m not surprised especially with Kang Ji Hwan’s legal dispute with his agency ongoing. While its premiere ratings are better than the numbers of its predecessor Cheongdamdong Alice, it could have fared better with strong marketing. Regardless, I think we’ll see it rise up in the later episodes. This kind of plot is usually a slow build.

Initial Rating: 9.5/10


2 thoughts on “Incarnation of Money First Impressions

    • I agree! It gets even better in the second. I remember getting chills in my spine just watching. :)) It caught my full interest when Kang Seok provoked Bi Ryeong in episode 1. I didn’t expect it to be this great. I really hope it does well in the ratings.

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