That Winter, The Wind Blows

I was intent on skipping this in the beginning, until I saw the beautiful teaser. It’s your conventional melodrama but glimpses of Kim Bum, who’s looking so fine got me so excited. Hearing that he and Jung Eun Ji will have a love line is another plus point. Now I can’t wait for next week! 

Melodrama That Winter, The Wind Blows is the latest project from star writer Noh Hee-kyung (Padam Padam, Worlds Within, Goodbye Solo). Noh Hee-kyung is re-teaming with PD Kim Kyu-tae (Padam Padam, Worlds Within) again. The show has been a buzz project from the outset thanks to some big names attaching themselves.

The story is a remake of the Japanese drama I Don’t Need Love, Summer / Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu, which was already adapted into Korean film starring Moon Geun-young and Kim Joo-hyuk in 2006, called I Don’t Need Love. It sounds like heavy-duty melodrama stuff with the idea of the entire story is built upon a gigantic lie.  The heroine is blind and the hero is a rich playboy, who for some reason takes on this huge con pretending to be her brother. They’re both bitter and jaded when it comes to love, but they slowly start to change, until they fall for each other.

That Winter, The Wind Blows follows The Great Seer and premieres February 13 on SBS. For more details, check out the official website.


Jo In Sung (Spring Days). He plays Oh Soo, professional Cheongdamdong gambler and  playboy. He was abandoned by his parents as a boy, and began to see life as meaningless after the death of his first love. he lets himself be called a cold unfeeling bastard by everyone around him, it seems to be a self-inflicted punishment — his big scar is the death of his first love, for which he blames himself. He’s a con artist who preys on the rich and sets his sights on a new target Oh Young, the sole heiress to a giant conglomerate.

Song Hye Kyo (Worlds Within). She plays Oh Young, a blind heiress who lost her parents in a tragic accident along with her sight. It a traumatic time for her family with her parents’ divorce and deaths, and her brother’s disappearance. She lives a lonely life isolated from others, to protect herself and her giant chaebol fortune. 

Kim Bum (Padam Padam). He plays Park Jin Sung, a professional gambler. He is Oh Soo’s right-hand man and best friend since their college. He looks up to him as a hyung and his own personal hero. Jin-sung is a character who could be laughing one moment, and then suddenly turn icy cold the next. Although he has a quick-temper, Jin-sung is actually a good-hearted guy who dreams of saving up enough money to buy his father an organic cow farm. He’ll be the person trying to keep the hero on track to get at the heroine’s money, as planned. But when Hyung starts deviating from the plan by falling in love with her, he’ll find himself at odds with his hero for the first time.

Jung Eun-ji (Answer Me, 1997) She plays Moon Hee Sun, the sister of Oh Soo’s first love. She’s described as a bit of an airhead, who speaks in banmal to everyone and knows nothing outside her tiny world working as a florist. Oh Soo assumes she hates him, since her sister died because of him. But despite what their constant bickering would suggest, she actually comes to realize that she likes him, just as he starts to fall for Oh Young. But in the end, she’ll be in  lovey-dovey relationship that involves a lot of fighting and hitting with Jin Sung. 

Bae Jong Ok (Hooray for Love!). She plays Wang Hye Ji.

Kim Tae Woo (Dummy Mommy). He plays Jo Moo Chul, the contract killer.

Kim Kyu Cheol (May Queen). He plays Jang Sung.

Seo Hyo Rim (Me Too, Flower!). Her role is only a special appearance. She plays Jin So Ra, who is the girlfriend of Oh Soo. She puts Oh Soo, who lives a meaningless life, in danger as a result of loving him so much. She holds the key to all of the interlinking situations in the drama.  She doesn’t show much emotion and has a cold exterior. However, she seems to have many different personalities and is totally obsessed with Oh Soo.

Kim Young Hoon. He plays Lee Myung Ho.











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