Robotics; Notes Episode 16


Episode 16

The impending doom is near. While there were subtle hints throughout the episode, it was the last third of the episode that really gets to you. One could only speculate the magnitude at this point. 


The Robotics Club finally tested the second prototype for GunPro-2. The monopole engine has helped increased the mobility. They even introduced a laser electricity cannon to power the robot. This success was short-lived since JAXA has to make them leave the hangar for security purposes. It seems a little too coincidental to have not known they would fire a rocket in the Tangeshima branch. Ms. Nae is very suspicious. Even if she provided assistance in moving the robot, I feel that they only agreed to this set-up to get data.


Regardless of the situation, Aki is thrilled to come this far. She says in her video message to the Expo that giant robots are something to behold. Everyone looks up at it. But that image isn’t the same anymore after the premonition shocker in an episode of Gunvarrel. So how does Aki expect people to side with her?


After moving it to the old hangar, Jun notices a knee jerk when the robots walks. Subaru runs along the robot to identify the reason for this. In a turn of events, the strong winds knocks the robot. In a cliffhanger, we have no idea if Subaru was able to move aside in time. It’s plausible that JAXA tinkered with it while moving it. Now that they’ve gotten what they need, they can just secretly dispose of the robot.


It’s obvious Misa has changed to a totally different person. She has a bit of kindness for giving Kai a warning but that’s not enough to stop an inquisitive kid. She’s just so evil, willing to dispose of Kai if ever he gets out of hand. I don’t understand why she’s doing all this. What did she have to give Mizuka powered suits that was obviously some sort of self-destructing device?[%255BWhyNot%255D%2520Robotics%253BNotes%2520-%252016%2520%255BC5812C4A%255D.mkv_snapshot_21.07_%255B2013.02.08_21.44.33%255D%255B2%255D.jpg]

Kai was so broken with what he has witnessed. All this happened because of the seventh Kijima report. There’s something about the report that Misa’s company definitely wants to cover up. What exactly is it?


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