That Winter, The Wind Blows First Impressions

SBS decided to take a risk with the three-episode bundle premiere week format. I think it pretty much was in their favor. 

Expectations: Low

Verdict: Good

Summary: Oh Young receives a handwritten letter from her brother Oh Soo. Secretary Wang attempts to intercept this but fails. She tries to visit him personally but is given the cold treatment initially by our lead, the other Oh Soo. He reads the letter to her but stops in the middle because the cops started to chase him. He gets caught. Apparently, his girlfriend So Ra sued him. After a year, he visits Moo Chul and gets threaten to pay back the money he was accused of embezzling. On the other hand, Oh Young is acting as s namesake president after the death of the president. The two meet again, this time with Oh Soo pretending to be the brother. It was difficult to get all the details to prove his identity. Even if he was shown them the wound, they’re still very suspicious. But what’s even more difficult was to get through to such a cold Oh Young.

Thoughts: The beautiful cinematography from the pictures didn’t lie. The colors and angles were superb. The eye-catching visuals aren’t the only thing good about this drama. It established the premise very well with the introduction of all the character falling nicely into place. I haven’t seen different pieces woven together so neatly. I understand why some people compared this to Nice Guy. There are many similar elements. But I must say I like That Winter much more. It has tighter writing, not giving us a lull moment. This is a great watch but something very difficult to recap. There’s just so much we can discuss in each episode. The layers are unfolding in very rich emotional narrative, which should be something to look forward to. 

Initial Rating: 8.5/10

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