The Best Lee Soon Shin

The Best Lee Soon Shin is one family drama I’m anticipating. I hope it’ll be subbed on time! Anyway, the story will be set in the entertainment world. Lee Soon Shin is a country bumpkin who comes to Seoul and becomes sponsored by a businessman to become a star while the leading man is an already established idol singer.

At the helm is director, PD Yoon Sung-shik (Gaksital and Story of a Man) while writing is Jung Yoo-kyung (Marry Me and Insoon Is Pretty). The Best, Lee Soon-shin follows My Daughter Seo-young and premieres March 9 on KBS.


 IU (Dream High) She plays youngest daughter Lee Soon-shin, who finds her family in dire straits after the death of her dad so she travels to Seoul to make it as a star and earn money.

Jo Jung-seok (The King 2 Hearts) He plays the director of a management agency who is cold and arrogant and through meeting cheerful plucky Lee Soon Shin and falling in love, he realizes the error of his ways.

Yoo Inna (Queen In-hyun’s Man) She plays second daughter Lee Yoo-shin, who’s a marketing exec for an outdoor brand. Outside of her family life, she’s great at everything but at home, she’s constantly overshadowed by her unni and maknae.

Sohn Tae-young (Two Wives) She plays eldest daughter Lee Hye-shin.

Lee Mi-sook (Can We Get Married) She plays a former famous actress turned agency CEO, whom IU’s character aspires to become. She sees Soon Shin’s potential and decides to take her under her wing and mentors her. It turns out she has a secret connection with Soon Shin’s mom.

Go Joo-won (Kim Suro) He plays a dermatologist who grew up next door to the family. He was classmates with Yoo-shin but was a particularly sweet oppa to Soon-shin and has had a one-sided crush on her for a really long time. He’s always seen Yoo-shin give the maknae a hard time. Not only that, he’s constantly bickering with her to the point they drive each other crazy.

Lee Ji-hoon (School 2013) He plays the hero’s best friend.

Go Doo-shim (Twinkle Twinkle) She plays the mom.

Kim Gab Soo (Jeon Woo-chi) He plays Jo Jung Seok’s dad.

Kim Young-chul (Nice Guy)




Cast of “The Best Lee Soon Shin” Get Together For a Workshop

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