Weekly News Update: March 10, 2013 to March 16, 2013


  • Film actor Yoo Hae-jin (Moss) will be the one to replace Kim Seung-woo for KBS variety show 1 Night 2 Days. He and the new PD will join the boys on the March 29 trip, which will air in early April.
  • JB (Dream High 2 ) will play the younger brother to the heroine in MBC’s When A Man Loves. His character is a trainee with a major talent agency that has a bright personality. He serves as the “lovable Cupid” in the love triangle that unfolds around his noona, as she gets romanced by two men. When a Man Loves premieres in April.
  • Sung Joon (Can We Get Married) joins Gu Family Book as Suzy’s bodyguard. He happens to be nursing a one-sided love for her. He also serves as Lee Seung-gi’s steadfast assistant and has a bickering relationship with him. Otani Ryohei (The Chaser, Soulmate) is another late addition to the cast, playing a character merely described as “top ninja.” Gu Family Book premieres on April 1.
  • Weekend drama I Summon You, Gold has a leading lady in Han Ji-hye (May Queen), who will actually be playing two characters in the show. She’ll be the heroine, Jung Mong-hee, who once dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer, but now runs an accessories stand in the street. She’s your hardworking and optimistic despite her troubles. And then she’ll ALSO play a chaebol daughter-in-law, Yoona, who has the same face as Mong-hee.  Sohn Dam-bi (Light and Shadow) is also considering the drama, but hasn’t confirmed. There isn’t much information yet on which character she’d play if cast. I Summon You, Gold follows Rascal Sons and premieres in April on MBC.


  • New horror flick Scary Story 2 has a very promising cast. The film is reportedly about the “chilling events” that transpire after three friends get into a car crash. Sung Joon (Can We Get Married) has been cast as the lead in the movie. No word who the two other friends are yet. But confirmed for the movie are Go Kyung-pyo (Flower Boy Next Door), Kim Seul-gi (Flower Boy Next Door), Lee Soo-hyuk (Vampire Idol), Baek Jin-hee (High Kick 3) and Kim Ji-won (To the Beautiful You).  Scary Story 2 will begin filming this month, with plans to release in June.
  • Cha Seung-won has had two projects with director Jang Jin, and now he’s signed on for their third collaboration, a action-comedy movie titled High HeelsHigh Heels begins filming in April, and plans for release later in the year.


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