Weekly News Update: March 17, 2013 to March 23, 2013


  • MBC’s I Summon You, Gold has added Lee Tae-sung (Rooftop Prince) and Lee Soo-kyung (Color of Woman). They will be playing a married couple, wherein Lee Soo-kyung takes on the antagonist to Han Ji-hye. They also secured the hero, Yeon Jung-hoon (Vampire Procescutor). He will be playing the president of a large jewelry company as the elder son in the family business. So our heroine’s rival married the younger son, while our leading lady gets the first son. I Summon You, Gold will replace MBC’s current weekend drama Rascal Sons and premieres in April.
  • Child actress Kim So-hyun (I Miss You) is playing the younger version of Sung Yuri in the weekend drama Birth Secret. She starts out an optimistic and genius Candy-type character. As an adult (played by Sung Yuri), she’ll have amnesia and not remember her husband (Yoon Joon-sang) and young daughter, who is also a genius just like Mom. The main story will be her piecing together her own life in the wake of her memory loss, and also coming around to the idea that she’d ever marry a man who seems so wrong for her. The 20-episode series will be helmed by the writer of Cinderella’s Sister and the director of Spring Days. It follows Incarnation of Money and premieres April 27 on SBS.
  • Jung Kyung-ho (Smile, You) and Jo Han-seon (Invincible) have both been cast in a new JTBC series called Undercover. The leading lady is Nam Gyuri (Haeundae Lovers) and the director is PD Lee Jung-hyo (I Need Romance series). Undercover will air following medical plague drama The End of the World, which puts its premiere in late May.
  • Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil both confirmed for Shark. The purported plot has a long childhood since the two have a history since high school. The antagonist will be taking revenge against the heroine’s grandfather and will be using the hero to get to her. Shark is slated to air after God of Workplace in KBS.
  • Ji Chang Wook (Five Fingers) was rumored to be the male lead for Goddess of Fire Jeongi. But apparently this was a leak within MBC and the production company. His agency died the rumor because he never received a script nor an offer.


  • Kim Ah-joong (My P.S. Partner, Sign) is reportedly in contract negotiations to be Joo-won’s leading lady for romantic comedy film Only You. It’s about a cop and a house burglar who fall in love. She’ll play a cat burglar, while he’s a cop and a profiler. The profiling must figure into the story in some way, though there are no plot details yet for how and why the cop and robber end up falling in love. The movie plans to finish casting and start shooting by the end of April for a release later this year.

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