Best and Worst Animes of Winter Animes 2013

I didn’t pick up as much titles this season so whatever my thoughts are, it can’t be representative of the whole.


1. Shin Sekai Yori

This was a very violent and thought-provoking anime. While it had many anime terminologies, it was able to weave the future dystopian world well. There were questions that were compounded with more questions. It leaves you wondering what would happen next. The climatic doom was a surge of anxiety and exhilaration. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the overall experience. It had such a beautiful ending, connecting our characters into the temporal dimension.

2. Zetsuen no Tempest

This has a great potential to be an anime classic. It goes back to the great animes of early 2000s because it’s not your conventional type of anime. It’s very difficult to explain how good it is. BONES was able to juxtapose mundane with the grandiose effects. The mysterious pieces mixed with some comedy are well done. There is actual logic to the magic and how the impending doom was set up.

3. Bakuman 3

The quality has not been on-par with the previous two seasons. The director compressed so much chapters to be able to finish everything this season. While the pace has quickened, the transitions are still rather smooth. It can be attributed to the fact that the story is just as engrossing. It’s great to reach the high point, the full attainment of a dream. Bakuman has brought out that beautifully.



1. Amnesia

I have no idea what to make out of this whole anime. It’s boring. They’ve been quite cryptic, attempting to milk out the mystery to the maximum. It’s the only real thing that’s moving the plot forward. I think it’s a bad choice to have a spineless heroine who’s been letting guys who she can’t trust dictate her movement. She’s very active-passive that every moment has become irritating. She doesn’t trust any of them yet doesn’t resist the advances they make towards her. It’s obvious that they all have feelings for her but who allows to be kissed by a “stranger” on whim. These physical romantic scenes don’t connect with the reason why she decided to erase her memories. It’s very misleading to think we’re in for a dark betrayal story.

2. Little Busters


I’ve seen some improvement in Little Busters in terms of character development, although it’s still terrible with regards to narrative. I know Key has a magical theme to it but I feel like it’s used for to forcibly move the story and keep it interesting.  I have had a love-hate relationship with this show. It’s the worst I’ve seen from Key to be honest. It’s mostly rehashing arcs it has already presented. What’s even more frustrating to see is how most of the characters don’t resolve their problems on their own. They need some intervention from the Little Busters gang. It’s good they’re fleshed out but they need to grow a spine.

3.  Da Capo III

This is usually a two-season anime, but for some reason I always end up hating the first. I think it’s because there’s excessive fanservice time for each girl. The main plot only becomes the focus after everything has been established. I really did like the approach of discovering the secret of the recently revived cherry blossom. But like I said, they focused on the girls first instead of the plot. All of them have that cute fluster but no personality worth admiring. There are also some loose details that need to be reconciled since I don’t understand their point in the show.



Chihayafuru 2

Season 2 isn’t as strong as season 1. I know more people are enjoying the comedy and development on the romance especially since Arata and the Queen have more appearances now. Personally those things weren’t the ones that hooked me to this anime. It was the rich growth of the characters. It’s still there but there is a bigger cast now so they’re trying to develop the rest. But we’re left with nothing for the ones we’ve grown to love most. It doesn’t help that the extremely awkward pacing doesn’t allow me to savor those rare touching moments. There are times I wish they would focus on those lingering questions instead, but then the focus would suddenly shift to another plot element. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this anime so much but it’s just not the same.


Zetsuen no Tempest

Aside from the outstanding music, the story really got so much interesting. I mentioned why it deserves to be honored earlier.


AKB0048 Next Stage

This season really leveled up with the animation. It had a nice variation with the 2D and 3D visuals especially with the performance numbers. The vibrant colors look great amidst the space background.


Takigawa Yoshino (Zetsuen no Tempest)

He is the calm and collected type. While he looks rather innocent and dim, he is actually quite reliable and not to mention really smart when piecing things together. It’s very admirable how he remains firm and strong as he accepts harsh truths. He doesn’t wallow in sadness and focuses on what else he can do.


Mashiro and Miho (Bakuman 3)

While they are the ultimate symbol of pure first love, this couple was given minimal screen time together throughout the anime. But it’s amazing how much each wanted to accomplish their dreams together. This intensity was proven with the Reversi seiyuu conflict. I loved how they were able to change the negative public opinion on them. Very endearing and fitting ending for a lovely pair.


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