Weekly News Update: March 24, 2013 to March 30, 2013


  • Lee Jin (The Great Seer) has just joined the cast of weekend drama Birth Secret, as a chaebol daughter-in-law who “lives with an illness of the heart”and was once our heroine’s best friend. Because Sung Yuri can’t remember her life from age 17 on, she seeks out her then-best-friend Lee Jin for help in figuring out what happened in her life after high school. What she won’t remember is that Lee Jin was her best friend back then, but she was jealous that the boy she liked was interested in Sung Yuri, and stole him, only to ditch him for the rich man she eventually married (Han Sang-jin). Birth Secret follows Incarnation of Money and premieres April 27 on SBS.
  • Preparations for new SBS series, titled Three Days have started. It will be helmed the PD of Tree With Deep Roots (Shin Kyung-soo) and the writer of Ghost and Sign (Kim Eun-hee). It is modeling itself after American TV show 24, which mimicked a “real time” format with each episode ticking down one hour. This drama is looking at a 20-episode run and will cover a three-day span, which likely becomes our hero’s Worst Three Days Ever. Three Days also involves a presidential plot, unfolding around an emergency that arises at the president’s villa and featuring Blue House bodyguards as main characters. The show plans to pre-produce half the entire series and is aiming to score a Wednesday-Thursday timeslot in the fall. September is the earliest potential date, though the window extends till December.
  • The new daily drama, Sincerity is the Way of Heaven set to follow Be Strong Mr. Kim next month co-stars Park Se-young (School 2013) and Yoo Gun (Prosecutor Princess), in his first post-army starring role. It will be helmed by the PD of Smile, Donghae and an experienced sitcom writer of Nonstop 3. Park Se-young stars as the heroine who was adopted as a young child, and reunites with her birth mother as an adult. Her adoptive family finds out that she’s sought out her birth mother, which naturally causes strife between the two families. It’ll be the story of her finding her place between these two families, and of course discovering a new love along the way. Sincerity is the Way of Heaven premieres April 29 on KBS.
  • Lee Min-ho (Faith) is back in a drama being penned by  Kim Eun-sook (A Gentleman’s DignitySecret Garden). The title is He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight: Heirs. (It’ll might just go by Heirs) There’s very little information available about the concept or story; we merely have writer Kim’s assurances that she is creating the hero just for Lee Min-ho, to suit him perfectly. Directing is Kang Shin-hyo, who worked on Tazza and MidasHeirs will be 20 episodes long and plans to air on SBS later this year.


  • PD Jang Jin‘s new cop action comedy High Heels and will make Cha Seung-won play a dude who wants to be a ladyEsom (Psychometry, White Christmas) and Oh Jung-sae (Men: An Operating Manual, I Miss You) have joined the cast. Oh Jung-sae’s character is described as a rival while Esom’s character is the one who helps the hero become a woman. High Heels starts shooting in April for a release later this year.

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