Date A Live First Impressions

One of the first that the Spring season has to offer. We’re off to a hopeful start!

Expectation: Low

Verdict: Good


Summary: Spacequakes are common occurrences wherein everyone has to evacuate to a shelter. As Shido was in school, a warning came to evacuate but he was worried about his sister, Kotori who would surely end up waiting for him. Instead, he finds a girl who asks him if he’s out to kill her. In a moment, she ends up in a battle with his genius classmate Toiibichi Origami. He faints and wakes up in the airship Franxius. He finds out his sister is a commander out to eliminate spirits who cause the spacequakes. Toiibichi is assigned to the AST ground team who slaughter them. In a weird turn of events, he ends up having to go into training by using a dating sim.

Thoughts: I love the lighting and colors, it has the perfect hues and contrast. The director isan expert in making the prominent feature stand out as well as emphasize reactions. Anyway, I thought this would be your standard harem even though in the beginning, it felt a lot closer to a dating sim game. Harems aren’t the type of anime that I really would rate high but the bigger picture with all the action makes this anime more interesting. I really love how Shido’s world is turned upside down by chance. It has the end-of-the-world and responsibility theme I like. What I really hate about harem animes is the excessive fanservice. This has just the right amount and it’s more likely to stick to the actual plot. I get the feeling this might be another Chaos; Head in the making.

Initial Rating: 8/10

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