All About My Romance (UPDATED)

I was initially excited for this but when the casting was finalized and stills started to trickle in, it began to wane. I don’t think I’ll be watching this but I’ll definitely keep up with recaps on other drama blogs. 

The team behind Protect the Boss — writer Kwon Ki-young and PD Sohn Jung-hyun are back with a 16-episode drama set in the world of politics. The story is based on a novel of the same name. It is about two politicians from opposing parties who battle it out on the assembly floor and then carry on a secret romance behind closed doors. Shin Ha-kyun stars as a member of the conservative New Korea Party, while Lee Min-jung plays a representative of the Green Progressive Party. They’re as opposite as two people can be, in ideology, personality, and political agenda.

All About My Romance follows That Winter The Wind Blows which is off-schedule by an episode, so the premiere will be on Thursday April 4.


Shin Ha-kyun (Brain) He plays Kim Soo-young, a former judge and a newly elected parliamentarian belonging to the conservative New Korea Party. He is confident and prickly in nature. As a judge he hated being pressured by superior forces and thus entered politics. As a new assemblyman, Kim Soo-young finds himself constantly clashing with another new parliamentarian, Noh Min-young.

Lee Min-jung (Big). She plays Noh Min-young, a new parliamentarian of the Green Progressive Party. She entered politics after the death of her older sister, who was a strong presidential candidate. She’s careful to keep the relationship a secret with Kim Soo-young, since she’s already under the scrutiny of the opposing party and even the whole nation.


Park Hee-soon (The Client) He plays a prosecutor who becomes Noh Min-young’s aide when she’s newly elected to her parliamentary post.

Han Chae-ah (Oohlala Spouses) She will be playing a reporter and a law school hoobae to both Shin Ha-kyun and Park Hee-soon‘s characters. Apparently both of them are in love with her. 







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