Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun possibly pairing up together for new drama.

This news merits a separate post. It’s been awhile since a drama excited me so much that I feel like jumping in joy. While there are interesting titles such as Shark, Sword and Flower, and Goddess of Fire Jeon-Yi, they were never able to elicit this much joy in me. 

Yeo Jin Goo will be playing the main character of new drama called Could We Love?, which is a high school romance, where he’ll be the main characters the whole way through. He’s not going to be the teenager version of the main character for once. Rejoice! I thought we’d have to wait a few more years before he could headline a drama, but guess I was wrong. He is such a noona killer. Even though he’s still young, he manages to act better than his sunbaes. He has this magnetic screen presence and palpable charisma that’s hard to resist. Reports state that Yeo Jin Goo is favorably considering it.

News on his potential leading lady is none other than Kim So-hyun. This’ll be their third time romancing each other and aren’t even 16 years old yet! It’s really great news since they’re so adorable together. I doubt I would have even watched I Miss You if it weren’t for them.

While I prefer Kim Yoo-jung more, he might get a chance to act with her again in another drama. It’s quite perplexing how these child actors just trade off the pairings. Although if this drama plans to make me happier, why don’t they cast four equal leads and have Kim Yoo Jung pair up with Park Gun Tae? Now that would be the ultimate dream cast!

Casting and chemistry aside, the character Yeo Jin Goo would play is a rebellious teenage delinquent, which should be a great change of pace for him. Kim So-hyun’s potential role would be the girl with a one-sided crush on our hero. If you manage to do a cute first puppy love story, this will be my drama of the year! Show, please don’t screw up. I’m pinning all my hopes on you.

Could We Love? is another collaboration between the PD and writer of Dr. Champ and Scent of a Woman, which means it’s bound to look gorgeous. It’s set to air following the new Wednesday-Thursday drama  All About My Romance, for a June premiere.


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