Jang Ok-jung

I’m not watching this even though I love the second leads. It’s just that the beautiful stills make it difficult not to cover. 

Jang Ok-jung is a reinterpretation of the familiar story by incorporating a “modern flair.” Jang Ok-jung is the infamous concubine Jang heebin. She was a scheming temptress often portrayed as a murderous villainess for usurping Queen In-hyun’s place, only to be demoted right after King Sukjong reportedly found her to be plotting more crimes and was executed via poison.

In this version of the tale, Jang is depict as a Joseon-era fashion designer and her romance with King Sukjong is described as a sincere love story.

The 24-episode drama will replace Yawang and premieres April 8 on SBS. Check out their official website for more information.


Kim Tae-hee (My Princess) She plays the titular Jang Ok-jung, better known as one of the most infamous femme fatales in Joseon history. The drama that takes a different approach to telling her side of the story.



Yoo Ah-in (Fashion King). He plays King Sukjong who is married to Queen In-hyun and takes Jang Ok-jung as his royal concubine.

Hong Soo-hyun (History of the Salaryman) She plays Queen In-hyun.

Jae Hee (May Queen). He plays Hyun Chi Soo, Jang Ok-jung’s first love. They’re young and in love, but torn apart when she enters the palace as a court lady. He grows up and amasses considerable wealth and power, and will continue to secretly love her and be her Daddy Long Legs even after she becomes the king’s concubine.

Lee Sang-yeob (Nice Guy) He plays Prince Dongpyung, another rival for Jang heebin’s affections, who falls in love with her from afar not knowing that she’s the king’s consort.

KARA’s Han Seung-yeon. She plays yet another love interest to the king as Sookbin Choi-sshi, another of his royal concubines. She goes from being Queen Inhyun’s water maid to royal consort, and bears a son and future king.

Sung Dong-il (Jeon Woo-chi) plays Jang Ok-jung’s cousin and evil puppetmaster, who sets his sights on making her queen.








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