Karneval First Impressions


Bleh. No words to expound. 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Bad-Middling


Summary: Nai and Gareki meet up in the mansion of Madam Mine. After finishing her off, they both have become wanted criminals. In the train, they exchange stories. Nai is looking for Koraka with the help of his bracelet while Gareki is a thief. Members of the Circus appear before them to stop a kidnapping and later on a bomb. Hirato, the commander of the Second Ship were amazed with the skill that Nai and Gareki have presented in front of him. He wanted to check out the bracelet Nai had but focused on his duties.



Thoughts: I’m a bit disappointed. This is so much better on paper and on the posters. The colors aren’t as vibrant in the anime. Also, the plot seems rather dull. It lifted every single description correctly but I fear I might get bored of this in the middle. The interpretation is safe and predictable. The OP, which is quite reminiscent of the terrible Amnesia anime that has just finished. I feel like it’s a foreshadowing of what’s to come.  I just hope my gut feeling is wrong. The end seemed promising though. It was the only thing that piqued my interest. Who Is Nai really and what does that bracelet possess?


Initial Rating: 4/10



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