Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% First Impressions

After almost two years, it’s finally back. Although it’s been barely a year for me (late to join the band). I might decide to blog this since I think it’ll be fun to contrast it with AKB0048 Next Stage. Though nothing is final yet at this point.


Expectation: Moderate

Verdict: Middling


Summary: Nanami narrates how they’ve graduated from high school and are professionals under a Masters Course. As she was on her way to the dormitory, she interacts with all the bishoujos. All of them are excited to be working with her and even hinted their feelings. Ichizou mentioned how as idols they don’t fall in love. The Principal introduces them to their senpai, the original boys idol group, The Promise. Each member is paired off with a senpai who seems to control them and criticize what data they have on them. In the end, Nanami meets the new character out in the lake.


Thoughts: I’ll begin with the good. I love the beautiful shading but it feels like this is more filtered to a pink tint this season. The animation is much more beautiful despite that. The colors don’t overpower each other anymore and there is a nice play with the layers and shadow.

Although this episode left me quite critical of what the next episodes have to offer. It can go both ways into the extreme- positive or negative. We’ll have to see how it’ll play out in the end. But there were some turns in this season that I didn’t expect. The first would be the setting. They are no longer high school students… but they’re doing a Master Course (which is another way of saying specialized college course, right?) Although we have to increase our expectations on their maturity and skills since they’re already professionals as Nanami pointed out. Speaking of Nanami, I’m bothered with the character change? She’s more outspoken…. Of course she’ll outgrow her timid self but I think the change is a little bit unbelievable. Then there’s twist of having the seniors teach them. Right now, they’re all portrayed as strict arrogant bastards. Personally, I don’t need more characters. This will lessen the opportunity to develop the characters we already have. Surely, the new Arabic-looking guy in the OP has a big role to play. How are they gonna divide the screen time for everyone if it’s only slated for 1-cour? I just really there are no absurd plot lines that would come out of this. I’m not liking the déjà vu much with the introduction of the new character. Oh, there is too much comedic instances. The chibi forms are quite cute but they better not go overboard.

Initial Rating: 6/10

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