Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru First Impressions



Brains Base is back with a possible gem for school life theme. 


Expectations: Low

Verdict: Good


Summary: It begins with Hikigaya’s narration. Hiratsuka-sensei was bothered with what Hikigaya wrote in his report. She made Hikigaya join Yukino’s club. He asks what the club is about. It’s called Public Service Club. Apparently, the two are lonely people who don’t have friends. He confessed to a girl before but got rejected. As for Yukino, she was too pretty that people bullied her for it. We later get introduced to dim and random girl named Yugihama. The three baked together and helped Yugihama’s self-esteem.



Thoughts: I watched this mainly because I was intrigued by the way of thinking of Hikigaya. I think it’s interesting how they observe normal high school behavior in an detached approach. It’s a refreshing dynamic, which I attribute to this being produced by Brains Base. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. I can’t say I’m pleasantly surprised but I’m curious as to how they’ll delve into the characters deeper. The harsh things Yukino says are beautiful quotes, worth keeping. I think people should watch out for those.


Initial Rating: 9/10



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