Arata Kangatari First Impressions

Last but not the least! 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good


Summary: Arata, a high school student who’s always bullied. The focus shifts to Arata of the Hime Clan who will possess Amatsuriki. They need a daughter to actually do the ceremony except the clan has not bore daughters for the past 30 years. Kannagi, one of the Shinsho killed Princess Kikuri.  The Twelve Shinsho are revolting against her when they’re supposed to bbe the ones to protect her. Arata manages to escape except he’s being called a traitor. He goes to the Kando Forest and his sprit switches with the other Arata. Everyone sees him as the Arata of that world and he tries explaining that it’s not the case. When Kannagi was about to kill off Kotoha and Grandma Makikari, he ends up revealing himself from his hiding place. Just as Kannagi was about to finish him off, Arata holds the clan’s Hayagami, which awakens.

Thoughts: The plot is more interesting than I thought. I didn’t expect that it would a life-and-death battle. I like how we’re going to build the character from zero. He has so much trust issues in life that looks great to explore. I hope we also get to see how the other Arata is doing. It seems like he has the strength to beat Kinomaru up. If he does, how will this affect our hero? Not much comment on the animation. It’s pretty much standard so yeah… Let’s see how this will fare from here on out.

Initial Rating: 8.5/10


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