Weekly News Update: April 14, 2013 to April 20, 2013


  • Im Joo Hwan (What’s Up) and Kang Sora (Dream High 2) stars in SBS daily drama Bravo My Life, which is about how people become a family because their parents learn to understand each other and sacrifice. Also cast is Shin So-yool (Cheongdamdong Alice) who’ll play the second daughter in a chaebol family and manager of publicity at the fashion company. It sounds like she’ll be the love interest of Im Joo-hwan’s stepbrother character, played by Choi Tae-jun (The Great Seer, Pace Maker). Child actor Kang Yi-seok (Five Fingers) will play Im Joo-hwan’s childhood counterpart.
  • The End of the World, the cable medical plague drama is getting cut early by 8 episodes. It hasn’t been unable to break 1% ratings so JTBC has announced that in light of the low ratings. Furthermore, instead of airing two episodes per week as with conventional prime-time dramas, it will switch to a once-a-week broadcast — new episodes will air on Sundays only.
  • Yoon Sang-hyun (Can’t Lose) is joining Could We Love, due out this summer on SBS. The story will be about Yeo Jin Goo falling for an older woman, the heroine, who has yet to be cast. Yoon Sang-hyun will be in both their lives and cause some kind of upheaval. The show will be helmed by the writer-director team behind Scent of a Woman and Dr. Champ, and follows All About My Romance in June.
  • Writer So Hyun-kyung, is coming back to television with a new drama titled Two Weeks. She has penned hits such as My Daughter Seo-young, 49 Days and Prosecutor Princess. The new drama centers around a man who lives life rather meaninglessly, until he becomes wrongfully accused of murder. Furthermore, he discovers that he has a daughter who is sick with leukemia, and what ensues is two weeks of his desperate struggle to save her life. It will follow Queen’s Classroom, which premieres in June so this might premiere some time in August.
  • Lee Soo-hyuk (Vampire Idol, Tree With Deep Roots) joins the cast of KBS’s revenge melodrama Shark as a cop. Also cast is Nam Bora (The Moon that Embraces the Sun) playing Kim Nam-gil’s younger sister.
  • Yoon Seung-ah (Panda and Hedgehog) will be part of SBS’s Golden Empire. Her role is the hero’s younger sister, because although oppa sent her to college and she pursued the life he wanted for her, “an incident” causes her to hate him.
  • We can expect to see a strong child cast for MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama Queen of the Classroom. Another classmate will be played by Lee Young-yoo (Swallow the Sun), who plays the only daughter who grew up in a rich family and got spoiled rotten. No surprise, then that she’s grown up thinking everything has to be about her. Queen of the Classroom premieres in June, after When A Man Loves.
  • Yoona (Love Rain) and Son Dam Bi are the frontrunners for leading for Sword and Flower.
  • Lee Bo Young (My Daughter Seo Young) is vying for the teacher role in Could We Love?


  • Song Il-kook (A Man Called God) may be headed to the big screen: He’s received the offer for a movie titled Come Back to Busan Harbor and is reportedly considering it. It’s about twin brothers who live separate lives for many years, and one becomes a gangster while the other becomes a cop. Naturally, they fall for the same woman.
  • New sports movie about competitive swimming called No Breathing is the latest project from the writer of The Gift of Room 7 and Korea (or As One). Lee Jong-seok (School 2013) and Seo In-gook (Answer Me 1997) have been cast to headline. Lee Jong-seok’s character is the golden boy, always chasing first place. While Seo In-gook’s character is a genius swimmer who purposely stays as far away from swimming as possible. It’s being helmed by a newbie director and starts shooting in May. No Breathing is planning for a release later this year.
  • Rising young actress Shim Eun-kyung (Sunny) has picked her next movie, called Suspicious Girl. It’s the next project from the director of The Crucible about a grandma who gets zapped back into her teenage body and ends up joining a rock band. Suspicious Girl is still casting and plans to release later this year.

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