Weekly News Update: May 12, 2013 to May 18, 2013


Baek Ji Young and Jung Seok Won are expecting a baby on fall after receiving news that Baek is 9 weeks pregnant.


  • MBC has a new anniversary drama in the works called Hwatu. Ha Ji-won (The King 2 Hearts) stars as Empress Ki, born in Goryeo and taken to be a concubine of the Yuan emperor. She eventually becomes empress and is a key figure during the time of King Gongmin’s coup against the Mongol state. The drama will be written by the team behind Giant, History of the Salaryman, and Incarnation of Money, while directing is the PD of Dr. Jin and Personal Taste. It’s planning for a fall broadcast, following Moon Geun-young’s Goddess of Fire Jeongi, which puts its premiere in mid-October. Filming begins on August for this 60-episode saeguk.
  • Kim So Yeon (The Great Seer) and Song Jae Rim (Nail Shop Paris) joins Two Weeks. Kim plays Park Jae Kyung, an investigator in charge of Lee Jun Ki’s murder case. While Song is the assassin sent to eliminate Lee Jun Ki before he can uncover a conspiracy/covered-up crime. Two Weeks premieres on August.
  • Kwon Sang Woo (Yawang) is considering the lead role for Inspiring Generation, which will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama airing on KBS beginning in November.
  • Choi Min-soo (Happy Ending) has been cast in the new KBS sageuk Sword and Flower as Uhm Tae-woongs father, and military dictator Yeon Gaesomun. Sword and Flower follows Mandate of Heaven and premieres July 3 on KBS.
  • Heirs secures Kim Woo-bin (School 2013). No details on his role yet but He is currently working out final contract details. Kim Woo-bin has worked with this writer (Kim Eun-sook) before in A Gentleman’s Dignity, where he played a high school troublemaker. Heirs is being prepped as an October drama on SBS.
  • The talented childhood cast for Goddess of Fire Jeongi begins to film. Ji Jin Hee (The Moon that Embraces the Sun) will play Moon Geun Young’s character. Park Gun Tae (May Queen) will play Kim Bum’s character. And No Young Hak (Level 7 Civil Servant) will play Lee Sang Yoon’s character.


  • Lee Shi-young (Wild Romance) and Eom Ki-joon (The Virus) are headlining summer horror thriller, The Webtoon: Foretold Murder, which is about a serial killer who copies the murders in a horror webtoon down to every last detail, and the writer who finds herself at the center of the mystery. Lee Shi-young stars as the popular horror webtoon writer who finds that one day a serial killer has copied her next webtoon murder for murder, before it’s even published. Eom Ki-joon plays the detective on the case, who works with Lee Shi-young to unravel the mystery and find the killer who’s stealing her ideas and using them as a recipe for murder. This one is being helmed by the director of The Red Shoes and plans to integrate the webtoon’s images into the movie so that the mystery overlaps with the ongoing telling of the story that Lee Shi-young’s character has written. The Webtoon hits theaters in June.
  • Lee Min-ki (Temperature of Love) plays a murderer in the upcoming movie Monster. The movie centers around a girl, Bok-soon,whose little sister is killed by cruel and heartless Tae-soo. Bok-soon, to be played by Kim Go-eun (Eungyo) takes up a revenge mission against the criminal and starts stalking himMonster reteams Lee Min-ki with his Chilling Romance director, Hwang In-ho, and began filming on May 5 in a small village in Chuncheon. Monster is scheduled to film for the next three months, and is aiming to release by the end of the year.
  • Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin are both considering the same movie, called Pirate, which is the next project from writer Chun Sung-il, of Chuno and Level 7 Civil Servant. The movie is being planned as a big blockbuster action sageuk. Around the time of Joseon’s founding, a whale ghost swallows a royal seal. The heroine is a pirate, and the hero is a bandit who team up to go after this whale. Pirate plans to start shooting in August.
  • The new sports movie No Breathing starring Lee Jong-seok (School 2013) and Seo In-gook (Answer Me 1997) as rival swimmers has finally locked in a confirmation for a leading lady in Girls’ Generation idol Kwon Yuri (Fashion King). No Breathing comes from the writer of The Gift of Room 7 and Korea, and stars Lee Jong-seok as the golden boy swimmer who always comes in first, and Seo In-gook as the “genius swimmer” who purposely stays away from swimming. Yuri plays an aspiring musician with a carefree personality who grew up with the boys as children. The three of them are lifelong friends who suddenly find themselves having to juggle love, friendship, and competition, all at once. The movie starts shooting next week for a release later this year.

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