This really excites me. Aside from a great duo at the helm, I really like the actors. This would be a great comparison with recently ended Incarnation of Money

New KBS revenge drama Shark the latest project from the writer-director team behind Fermentation FamilyMawang (Devil),  and ResurrectionShark will be the final installment of the Resurrection/Devil trilogy. The drama features Han Yi Soo who is out to seek revenge on Jo Hae Woo’s family but only to fall in love with her.

Shark will follow God of the Workplace and is set to premiere in May 27. Check out the official website for more details.


Son Ye-jin (Personal TasteShe plays Jo Hae Woo, the only daughter to the owner of a large hotel, possessing of a strong and independent nature. She rejects the chaebol path of inheriting the family business and instead becomes a prosecutor, a job into which she pours all of her energies.

Untitled“Shark” Releases Second Trailer Featuring Son Ye Jin

Kim Nam-gil (Bad Guy) He plays Jun Yoshimura/Han Yi Soo who backstabs the woman he loves in the pursuit of revenge. Her family is the cause of his father’s death, he disguises himself with a new face and identity and reapproaches his enemies. He approaches the girl so she can be used as a pawn in his revenge mission against her family. But the problem is that he fell in love with the daughter.


Ha Suk-jin (Childless Good Fortune) He plays Oh Joon Young, Hae Woo’s fiancé, which positions him nicely with regards to her family’s Gaya Hotel Group. It also makes him prime rival material, since Yi Soo is the president of Giant Hotel.

Honey Lee (Pasta). She plays Jang Yoon Hee, Joon Young’s secretary. She is described as a smart, bright, and sociable career woman, who, while soft and affectionate in front of the person she loves, is all business at work. She draws a firm line between business and personal issues and is completely loyal to the hotel she works for.

Lee Shi-un (Answer Me, 1997) He plays Kim Dong Soo, a simple, tactless but loyal guy. He likes picking fights with Yi Soo for no reason because he appears to be the guy who has everything.” But that seems to change once he gets to know him, and he becomes “like a brother” to our hero.

Park Won-sang (Hero) He plays Byun Bang Jin, a detective in the violent crimes unit. When Yi Soo’s father died 12 years ago, he investigated and found circumstances suspicious. But our hero disappeared and left behind a little sister, so our cop adopted her and continued living his life, until one day he receives a suspicious phone message. He works with our heroine, who despite her hotel riches chooses to earn her own living as a prosecutor.

Lee Soo-hyuk (Vampire Idol) He plays Kim Soo Hyun, a cop who helps out Hae Woo on the cases together. He’s a nice guy and an eom-chin-ah, a word meaning the guy you want to bring home to mom.

Nam Bora (The Moon that Embraces the Sun) She plays Han Yi Hyun, Yi Soo’s younger sister who is pure-hearted, aegyo-filled, and has a bright personality until the drama crushes the joy out of her life.

Yun Joon Suk (Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!). He plays the young Han Yi Soo.

Kyung Soo Jin (That Winter, The Wind Blows). She plays the young Jo Hae Woo.











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