Shark First Impressions

I was looking forward to this because at the helm were writer/director duo Kim Ji-woo and Park Chan-hong (Resurrection and The Devil). Since revenge and dark pieces are their strengths, I couldn’t wait for this to arrive. 2013 has been a terrible year for dramas with the exception of Nine. I’m hoping with the introduction of this drama, things will begin to look up.
It premiered with a decent 8.02% although that’s quite far from the front-runner Gu Family Book. I hope the ratings will increase next week.

Expectations: Moderate-High

Verdict: Good

Summary: Yi Soo arrives in Korea for the wedding ceremony of Hae Woo and Joon Young.  Hae Woo recognizes Yi Soo and follows him until they make eye contact. It shifts to the past wherein the two of them have their first meeting by escaping some thugs. Back in the present, Yi Soo introduces himself as Yoshimura Joon. In the past, he transfers schools and eventually gets closer to Hae Woo. After the cheating scandal of her father broke out, he comforts her in the forest and gives a subtle declaration of love.  As they were resting in the lodge, Yi Soo was taken away by Hae Woo’s father. He wants to separate the two and causes an uproar in front of a guest, Yoshimura Junichiro. Yi Soo’s father accidently kills a professor who has dirt on the Chairman. His conscience couldn’t take it and he decided to confess what he has done except he was stabbed before he could reach the police station. After the death, Yi Soo attempts to find the person who murdered the father and framed him for another incident. He finds a witness but the detectives don’t want to believe him.

Thoughts: The OST is quite glaring, I’m hoping they’ll tone it down in the next episodes. Although the cinematography and acting are just breathtaking, it totally makes up for the OST. As for the story, it’s still rather cryptic since we’re still establishing the set-up. There’s nothing dramatic or thrilling to fully capture your interest… especially the ending of each episode. In spite of that, I’m assured that the duo will allow this drama to unfold in the best way possible. There’s something about its tone that affects the overall movement. Also, The characters look like they all have depth, which is great for a melodrama. Jo Hae Woo is an interesting character. She is pretty in the surface but so badly damaged in the inside. She has a terrible temper to hide her pain, which she has allowed Yi Soo to see. Although, she looks rather happy in the future… I wonder what has changed. Han Yi Soo has a similar aloof personality although he demands respect when it is deprived from him. It’s quite stubborn about it actually. As for Hae Woo’s father is obviously the antagonist but it’s nice to see an added vulnerability that he can’t please his own father. The grandfather is actually scarier. He appears as a hero and good but in reality, he’s just good in covering up his fault. These characters are fascinating to nuance. There’s more to explore in them. So I far, this drama has been very promising. I hope it can surpass its two predecessors and become this year’s gem.

Initial Rating: 8/10

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