Weekly News Update: June 9, 2013 to June 15, 2013


jTBC is lining up a new drama titled Her Legend, whose description is still rather vague. It’ll be about two women whose fates have switched and a man who has everything embark on a pursuit of sincerity. Kim Jung-hoon (I Need Romance) will headline as a chaebol prince who has everything. While Choi Jung-won (Brain) will be the main female character as a woman who came from nothing who nevertheless has a bright and plucky personality despite her difficult circumstances. The drama will follow her success story in the luxury handbag world, where she makes a name for herself on nothing more than her talent. The drama is directed by PD Lee Seung-ryul (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly). Her Legend follows Heartless City and premieres in July.

So Yi-hyun (Alice in Cheongdam-dong) and Taecyeon (Dream High) are cast in tvN ghost melo,  Who Are You. The heroine who sees dead people while the hero ONLY believes in things he can see and feel. They’re both detectives and the plot involves items in the lost and found department that tell stories about their owners. Who Are You follows Dating Agency Cyrano on Mondays and Tuesdays and premieres in late July.


Joining Song Joong Ki in Sea Fog is Kim Yoon-seok (Thieves, Wandeuki). He’ll play the captain of the commercially failing boat who decides to do the dangerous thing when he faces ruin, and puts his whole crew in jeopardy by choosing to become a smuggling vessel. The story will also tell the various tales of his crew members’ lives, and will explore both the despair and the hope of life at sea. Sea Fog starts shooting in September.

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