Kim Soo Hyun possibly headlining The Man from the Stars

Finally, the news I have been waiting for! I’ve been checking out blogs for months just to hear of this. Of course, Kim Soo Hyun’s next project merits a separate post. 😀 

He is being courted for upcoming SBS drama, The Man from the Stars, which is slated for a December premiere. He plays an alien who arrived in Joeson era and spent 400 years (4 life spans) in Korea. The story focuses on his love story with an actress in modern time. At the helm are PD Jang Tae Yoo (Tree With Deep Roots) and Park Ji Eun (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly).

I was caught off guard with an alien concept. I find it rather weird but it’s a new idea that hasn’t been explored on yet. Although is there an purpose as to why he had to arrive in Joeson era and wait for an actress in the modern age before he falls in love? Surely, some girl should have touched his life within those 400 years right? I’m still iffy about the drama description since it’s just totally crazy but I have to trust Kim Soo Hyun if he decides to take this on. We have a very capable director and writer. Even though I haven’t seen any of their works yet, I’ve read good reviews so he’ll be in good hands.

The real question lies who’ll be his leading lady? It’s so difficult to find someone who has the same fame, acting skills and age. My personal choices don’t actually fit the fame criteria but I think they would make a great OTP with Kim Soo Hyun. The ones who aren’t busy with any film or drama commitments are either Kim So Eun (Horse Doctor) or Jung So Min (Can’t We Get Married).

Kim So Eun has similar features with Jeon Ji Hyun, who has nice chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun in The Thieves. Also, Soo Hyun has this cheeky smile that is reminiscent of Kim Bum’s smirk in Boys Before Flowers. In a purely visual standpoint, this could work out. On the other hand, Jung So Min has similar vibe and personality that Kim Soo Hyun exudes. She’s very versatile like he is who could do both comedy and heavy drama. Seeing how the plot can go either way for now, it would be great if the lead actress had some diversity. Either way both girls are really underrated at the moment. I feel like they aren’t given the right projects. With this drama, surely one of them would get the career boost they deserve. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

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