Weekly News Update: June 23, 2013 to June 29, 2013


  • Good Doctor is the drama formerly known as Green Scalpel, which reportedly changed its title because it was too difficult. Anyway, it has added Kim Young-kwang (Birth Secret) to the medical staff. He plays a fourth-year resident of pediatric surgery who’s warm and friendly and a trustworthy colleague to Moon Chae-won and Joo Sang-wook. He’s also the first to bond with Joo-won’s character as a friendly hyung.
  • Joining Good Doctor as well is Kim Min-seo (Level 7 Civil Servant) who will play Joo Sang-wook’s fiancée. She is also a manager on the planning board for a large university hospital. As the only daughter to the foundation’s director, she tries to prove her worth by being cool-headed, capable, and assertive. Good Doctor will be a Monday-Tuesday drama on KBS following Shark and premieres on August 5.
  • Son Eun Seo (May Queen) joins Her Legend as a woman who hides her true identity to succeed.
  • Kim Soo Hyun (The Moon that Embraces the Sun) is being courted for upcoming SBS drama, The Man from the Stars. He plays an alien who arrived in Joeson era and spent 400 years (4 life spans) in Korea. The story focuses on his love story with an actress in modern time. At the helm are PD Jang Tae Yoo (Tree With Deep Roots) and Park Ji Eun (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly). This is slated for a December premiere.


  • Yoon Kye-sang (Phungsan Dog) and Go Jun-hee (Yawang) will co-star in Red Carpet, which will be a romance set in the entertainment industry. Yoon Kye-sang plays a filmmaker who’s been stuck making adult erotic movies for ten years, while always dreaming of making it big as a commercial film director. Go Jun-hee plays an actress who got her start as a nationally beloved child actress twenty years ago. They meet and fall in love, and Yoon Kye-sang starts to turn his life around. The supporting cast includes Oh Jung-sae (Men: An Operating Manual) as the assistant director and mood-maker on set, with a rough and tumble exterior and an inner innocence. Jo Dal-hwan (Mandate of Heaven) as a producer on set who’s a romantic at heart.  Hwang Chansung (Level 7 Civil Servant) as the rookie maknae PA on staff. Red Carpet starts shooting in early July for a release later this year.
  • Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice) is considering the Park Bo-young movie titled Hot Blooded Youth. The movie is described as a comic and touching romance about high schoolers in the early 1980s, where Park Bo-young plays a tough popular girl. Lee Jong-seok’s would-be character is the Casanova of his high school who has all the girls swooning, who has a fresh, youthful romance with Park Bo-young. Hot Blooded Youth plans to begin filming in mid-July. If he can manage to film three projects at once, he’ll be signing on, according to his management.

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