Sword and Flower


I was interested in this drama when the rumors that Park Shin Hye and Song Joong Ki would be the leads. This has gone a lot of casting calls, which made me less keen about watching. Just when I was about to doubt I’ll pick this up anymore,  that was until the posters and teasers came. I think I’ll be watching this banked, just how I watched The Princess’ Man. 

This sageuk set in the Goguryeo era with lovers torn apart by family strife and revenge. The plot centers around military dictator Yeon Gae So Mun, who overthrew the throne and killed the heroine’s father, King Yeong-ryu. The hero is the illegitimate son of his enemy. The two fall in love, which is severely complicated by the fact that they’re on opposite sides of a coup, a revenge plot, and all the attendant political unrest. It’s a Romeo-and-Juliet love story that purports to be in the vein of The Princess’s Man.

The new drama from Equator Man and White Christmas director Kim Yong-soo and the writer of Mom Is Pretty. Sword and Flower will air after Mandate of Heaven and premieres on July 3 in KBS.


Uhm Tae-woong (Equator Man) He plays Yeon Choong, the illegitimate son of Yeon Gaesomun. Despite his talent, he finds he cannot rise higher in rank due to the fact that he is a concubine′s son. He wants nothing more than for Dad to accept and acknowledge him, and so he applies to join the palace guard to prove his warrior skills. He passes, and gets assigned as the princess’s bodyguard. He is later ordered by his father to kill the person he loves, and comes into inner conflict.


Kim Ok Bin (The Front Line) She plays Princess Mu-young, the daughter of King Yeongryu, who was overthrown by military dictator Yoon Gaesomun. The princess loses her father and brother, thus vowing revenge. She transforms into a spy, infiltrating the military dictatorship, only to fall in love with the illegitimate son of the man who assassinates her father.


Choi Min-soo (Happy Ending) He plays Yeon Gaesomun, a military general who came from a long line of political players.


Kim Young-chul (IRIS II) He plays King Yeong-ryu, Princess Mu-young’s father and the 27th king of Goguryeo.


Ohn Joo-wan (Twelve Men in a Year) He plays Jang, Moo Young’s cousin. He has particular fondness for her, but he receives an offer from General Yeon and ends up betraying his royal family. As reward, he is made the next king but then realizes that he’s nothing but Yeon Gaesomun’s puppet and faces off against him.


Park Su Jin (Flower Boy Next Door) She plays Mo Seol, a warrior on Yeon Gaesomun’s side.


Lee Jung-shin (My Daughter Seo-young) He plays Shi-woo, Goguryeo’s best swordsman and bodyguard to the princess. Shi-woo will be nursing a lifelong crush on the princess, of course, because it’s his job to be her shadow. His character is described as charismatic when fighting, but a hopeless romantic when it comes to the princess. 


Lee Min-ho (Rooftop Prince) He plays the son of Goguryeo’s King Young-ryu and Princess Mu-young’s brother.

Kim Sang Ho (Special Affairs TEN 2) He plays So Sa-bun, who revives the secret group and eventually becomes its head to plot revenge against Yeon Gae So-mun whom the authority has gone over to.

Goo-won (Cheongdamdong Alice) He plays Ho Tae, a bodyguard on Yeon Gaesomun’s side.

Newcomer Yoo So-hee. She plays Yo-won Nang-ga, the intelligent and charismatic goddess of darkness who is responsible for the nightlife of royalty and the source of information from them. She’s very smart and fluent in foreign languages. She uses anything on her as a weapon and is able to protect herself.



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