Free! First Impressions


The anime that girls go crazy for. 


Expectations: Low

Verdict: Decent


Summary: It begins with a flashback to the past particularly when the four friends were swimming. Then it shifts to the start of high school. Haru who’s still pretty much in love with the water but stopped swimming competitively. His best friend, Makoto stuck with him and is aware with his fascination with the water. They find out Nagisa decided to come back in the same high school with them. To reminisce the past, they go back to their closed down grade school to search for their trophy. They find Rin there who has changed so much in his stay in Australia. They later decided to visit him in his school. They all swam there only to be caught by Rin in the end. Haru makes a declaration, which gets Rin excited.


Thoughts: I’m not into manservice and there’s pretty much a lot of that just within an episode. I just wanted to see if it can go beyond the hype. So far, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a gem but it’s definitely pleasant to watch. What really hooked me was the lines Nanase kept repeating that he only has 3 years left before he is considered ordinary. It seems like this remaining 3 years will be dedicated to return that feeling during gradeschool. The style has KyoAni all over it although it doesn’t have the wonderful detail that Hyouka had. I can’t say much about anything else except it passes my preliminary standards.  There’s nothing too much that stands out aside from the manservice, really.


Initial Rating: 7/10



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