Rozen Maiden 2013 First Impressions


It’s back!!

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Middling


Summary: Jun awakens Shinku. Because of that all seven Rozen dolls have awaken and the Alice Game begins. The other dolls slowly make their appearance and disappearance as they give their Rosa Mystica (souls) to some of the dolls.


Thoughts:  It’s been awhile since the last two seasons. This episode in particular crammed the whole season 1 and a bit of season 2. It was too fast-paced for a new viewer but I’m expecting it’ll slow down once it starts with the new content. It’s good that the tone is still the same although the animation is more watercolor like. There is also more shading and brighter lighting. Anyway, the official title is called Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen, which means rewind in German. I feel like it’s very fitting since we’re recalling all the events that’s transpired. Like a clockwork that has been reset, it’ll eventually move along. So far, I can’t say it’s good because we’re this in the recap phase but this will definitely be enjoyable for any casual viewer.


Initial Rating: 6/10


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