Danganronpa First Impressions


Interesting enough but I still don’t feel the despair yet.

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Decent

Summary: Naegi was chosen to enter Hope’s Peak Academy out of luck. The school guarantees that you’ll succeed in the future. Once he enter enters the school ground, he gets transported into an empty classroom telling him to go to the gym. He meets his 15 other classmates as well as their principal, Monobear. He announces that they’ll be living together locked in the school. The only way to leave is to kill someone. They explore the campus and discuss what to next. Since nobody wants to kill, Monobear gives them a motive.


Thoughts: Oh man, the animation is so lovely. I haven’t seen such a wonderful mix of background layers and visual graphic novel styling. This is pretty much a lock for the best animation category for the season. It’s been awhile since something has been at par with Hyouka. This makes up for the terrible drawing style. But of course, the main reason for watching this is still because of the plot. It doesn’t give me a fearful vibe like I expected rather it uses paradoxes and satires.  This episode focuses on world-building so not much action and character depth to explore and expand on. Although it’s obvious the central theme is either “Kill or be killed?” I hope get to find out about the characters background along the way. I would hate it if it followed the one character per episode format. I have big expectations for this anime. I know only time can tell if it’ll meet it or not.


Initial Rating: 7/10



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