Blood Lad First Impressions


Can potentially be this season’s gem! 


Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good


Summary: Staz is a vampire has a fascination with Japanese merchandise. One day, a girl named Fuyumi shows up in the demon world. Deku brought her to him since he’s the territory boss. While he’s interrogating her, he gets interrupted another by territory boss, who he defeats easily. He promises to resurrect her dead soul and tries finding a way to do so. He decides to go to the human world to help her out.


Thoughts: Finally a premiere that’s more than just a decent piece. This pilot episode was pretty funny and the conflict is presented immediately. I’m not sure if it’s got to do with the shorter number of episodes, but I’m glad it’s not wasting my time. There’s nothing impressive in animation, music and character design. I’m hoping that the story pulls through. So far, it’s worth the wait. It’s quite interesting to see it’s not your typical vampire story. Staz kept saying how he wanted to be his own person. I’m pretty sure that’s the central theme. Anyway, I hope this continues this way.


Initial Rating: 8/10


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