Jeon Ji Hyun courted for Man from the Stars

Oh man, oh man. Kim Soo-hyun and Jeon Ji-hyun together again? Mind blown. No words can describe my excitement if this pairing actually comes true. I feel like Christmas came in early. 

They had really sexy chemistry in The Thieves. Even if their loveline in the movie was short, it was enough to reel me in. How can you not say no to them? I only picked up the movie for that hot kiss scene. Ok that sounded shallow… but still!

On a more serious note, this is extremely great news! A lead actress of caliber is no joke to get. Everything seems perfect even down to the PD and writer. This is a one of a kind gem we would rarely get to see. I feel like every tidbit I’m receiving merits a post.

Anyway, this news is gaining a lot of buzz because of the possibility of Jeon Ji-hyun’s return to dramaland. Apparently her last drama was 1999′s Happy Together, and she has since been sticking exclusively to movies for the past 14 years.

Man From The Stars is being planned for a December premiere on SBS.


4 thoughts on “Jeon Ji Hyun courted for Man from the Stars

  1. i think I’d been waiting his drama almost a year and a half.. OMG that’s too long!!! December? double OMG? Man from the stars plot sounds so interesting. I think He’ll confirm alien role. I know that he is good at choosing his project. Again Noona? Again married woman? Oh man But if it’s Jun Ji Hyun, Awesome!!! If the drama stuff doesnt choose a younger actress for soohyun. I’d choose JJH. I love thier chemistry in The thieves. She is older than him. . But still soooo much better than Han Ga In. JJH is so beautiful and the most important thing is she knows how to act. Plus i wanna see thier hot kiss scene once again.(it was Jun Ji Hyun’s first on screen kiss) 🙂 *that kiss was indeed hot* My another choice is Han Hyo Joo. I love her. Beauty+talent…. im sure They will look cute together. I was hoping that Soohyun will pair with Moon Guen Young this time. Sad…. She’s already chosen her next project. 😦 Thier fate doesnt really suit. They’d work two times. First one is Cindrella’s sister. Soohyun’d chosen second male. But he has a project named GIANT. Second one is Moon embracing the sun. MGY didnt accept Wol’s role, I think if she chose this role. The drama’d be more awesome. Imagine the king and wol’s chemistry. 🙂 i really hope that they’ll work in the future *finger crossing* . i read your news. There was Kim Eun so and Jung So min. Nice choice. Jung So Min and Soo hyun are definitely looks so cute together. They worked a short movie and magazine. As for Kim Eun So. Sometimes Soohyun looks like Kim Bum. Both has baby face and thier cheek is the cutest.. KB and KES looks so cute together. So that Soohyun looks cute with KES. You’re right. These two actress need to choose right project . I mean Kim Soo Hyun is a very talented young actor and very popular. Sure This drama’ll have high rating. I mean Plot is interesting+Director and writer’re good enough, Plus male lead is Kim Soo Hyun. If Kim Eun So and Jung So Min will pair with him. Surely they’ll shine,……. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this news.

    • I agree December is too long a wait for this. Anyway, just to add, this drama will follow Heirs. :)) From all the actresses you just mentioned, like you said Jeon Ji Hyun is the best. 😀 I just didn’t think of her immediately because it’s rare that the main stars reunite this soon. 😛

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