Weekly News Update: July 7, 2013 to July 13, 2013


Rain was officially discharged from the military last July 9. 


  • PD Kim Byung-wook is launching a new series for tvN in the same vein as the first three seasons of High Kick. People are currently calling it High Kick 4 even though it’s a different franchise altogether with a quirky working name, Potato-Shaped Sweet Potato Star 2013QR3. The “2013QR3″ part of the title was done to mimic the naming of a new planet, and the show itself will incorporate astrological references. This new series is courting both Lee Soon-jae (Unstoppable High Kick and High Kick Through the Roof) and Ha Yeon-soo (Monstar). Yeo Jin-gu (I Miss You) has confirmed and will play Hong Hye-sung, who is a computer programmer who dreams of becoming Korea’s Mark Zuckerberg. It’s aiming to begin filming in August and will probably broadcast soon thereafter in September.
  • More casting confirmations for  trendy high school rom-com Heirs: f(x) idol Krystal (High Kick 3) plays a haughty and chic chaebol heiress, who wants for nothing in the world, and Kang Ha Neul (Monstar) plays the son of a police chief who is smart, handsome, and student body president. Park Hyung-shik (Nine: Nine Times Travel) is reportedly in negotiations to work out his schedule with the show after receiving the offer and meeting with the writer. Heirs is set to premiere in early October on SBS.
  • Jeon Ji-hyun (The Thieves) courted for Man From Another Star, which is being planned for a December premiere on SBS.
  • Weekend drama Royal Family is starting to fill out its cast and so far we’ve got Oh Hyun-kyung (Shark) playing 1st Daughter Wang Soo-bak, the successful sister who has to come back home when she fails spectacularly, Lee Tae-ran (Goddess of Marriage) playing 2nd Daughter Wang Ho-bak, who has troubles because of her layabout husband Heo Se-dal, played by Oh Man-seok (Wild Romance), and Lee Yoon-ji (The Great Seer) playing 3rd Daughter Wang Kwang-bak, who out of the blue she decides to quit her job to pursue her dream of becoming a writer, and turns her family upside-down with the news. The drama comes from the PD-writer team behind Three Suspicious BrothersRoyal Family is set to follow You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin and premieres in late August on KBS.


  • Lee Min-ki (Temperature of Love) is reportedly finalizing casting details for the based-on-a-true-story mountain-climbing film Himalaya. The story is about a team of real-life mountain climbers who went on an expedition to climb Mt. Everest in 2004. The group was led by Eom Hong-gil, and when one of his younger teammates, Park Mu-taek, died during the expedition, Eom left his expedition in an effort to collect Park’s body. Lee Min-ki would play one of the other expedition members who clashes with Kim. Lee hasn’t signed the contract yet for Himalaya, but reports indicate that plans are likely to finalize. The movie plans to begin filming in October.

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