Weekly News Update: July 21, 2013 to July 27, 2013


Legendary drama producer and director Kim Jong-hak (Faith) took his own life in the morning of July 23. He was discovered lying on the hotel bed, with remnants of burnt charcoal briquettes found in the bathroom. He left behind a suicide note saying that he was sorry to his family. He was struggling with production and investment failures immediately prior to his suicide.


  • Two-episode miniseries Anticipate Love stars Daniel Choi (School 2013) as Cha Ki-dae, a love expert giving others advice and pop star BoA as Joo Yeon-ae who’s hopelessly bad at dating, with a particular weakness for bad boys. The series promises to be a frank portrayal of contemporary dating life among twenty- and thirty-somethings. Directing is the PD of the drama special Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost. Anticipate Love is angling to air in the Drama Special timeslot and plans to premiere sometime in September on KBS.
  • PD Kim Won-seok (Monstar) will be adapting the webtoon titled Misaeng, which deals with baduk (strategy-based board game). Baduk is the most important thing in the lead character’s life, but he fails to make it as a pro player and is cast into a cold reality. Our hero tries to forget all about baduk, only to find that ironically enough, the insights and skills he learned from the game now become the key to solving his problems. The drama adaptation purports to depict the lives of office workers in an honest, relatable, and poignant way. The main character seems like just an ordinary young salaryman with a dream, who turns out to possess “not at all ordinary philosophy and insight.” Misaeng is still in early stages and hasn’t been picked up by a broadcaster, but aims to air next year.
  • Jung Ryeo-won (King of Dramas), Oh Yeon-seo (You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly) and Joo Ji Hoon (Five Fingers) are the latest addition to  Top Medical Team. Jung Ryeo-won will be a charismatic thoracic surgeon with a warm human touch. She also has an ambitious side that befits her elite doctor status. Joo Ji Hoon will be an internist whose mild-mannered appearance hides his cold and ambitious interior. He uses the team as a launch pad to become the director of the hospital. Top Medical Team follows Two Weeks and premieres in October on MBC.
  • Hwang Jung Eum (Incarnation of Money) is in talks to star in Secret. Her character goes to prison for the second male lead, who marries second female lead while she’s stuck in prison. All the while, the main lead attempts to get revenge on her because he thought she was the one who killed his younger brother. Secret follows Sword and Flower on October in KBS.


Choi Jin-hyuk (Gu Family Book) will star in the movie called God’s Play, which features a story about baduk and revenge. The hero, Jung Woo-sung hits rock bottom and embarks on a revenge mission and faces off against antagonist Lee Beom-soo. Choi Jin-hyuk joins the team as Lee Beom-soo’s ally, which makes him a bad guy. God’s Play comes from PD Jo Beom-gu (Quick) and will begin filming at the end of August.


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