Good Doctor

While I’m not a big fan of Korean medical dramas, but because I love all the cast members dearly (especially Moon Chae Won) makes me want to give this a shot. Plus, I haven’t missed out on a Joo Won drama yet. I hope 7th Level Civl Servant would be erased from his resume because of this.

Good Doctor is the drama formerly known as Green Scalpel, which reportedly changed its title because it was too difficult.The new drama comes from PD Ki Min-soo of hit family drama Ojakkyo Brothers, and writer Park Jae-bum of OCN forensic procedural God’s Quiz.

Good Doctor will be a Monday-Tuesday drama on KBS following Shark and premieres on August 5.


Joo-won (7th Level Civil Servant) He plays Park Shi On, an autistic young man who is also a surgical genius with the personality of a grade-schooler. He has genius tendencies with an exceptional memory and a keen perception of space within the human body. He was a miner’s son, who witnessed domestic violence from his father beginning at a very young age. He has a developmental disorder that’s a type of autism, and gets a specialized education at a care center, where they find that he’s a savant. Through steady and continued treatment and rehabilitation, he was declared normal at 17. But his past sickness can still be noticed when his eyes wander in anxiety, his posture slouches and his walk becomes hurried.  In spite of his illness, he is a warm-hearted resident.

32Joo Won24

Moon Chae-won (Nice Guy) She plays Cha Yoon-seo, a second-year fellow in the pediatric surgery department.  She chooses to become a doctor after volunteering in a children’s cancer ward in high school. She was educated at a top school and recognized for her skills early on. With her hard work and brains, she becomes an associate professor at a relatively young age. She is a principled and committed doctor who has a strong sense of duty and is not afraid to speak her mind, even to her superiors. She’s also got an easy-going personality with a tomboyish nature. Although she’s known for her blunt, unaffected way of speaking. She is secretly in love with Kim Do Han but starts to be drawn to Shi On.

Joo Sang-wook (Special Affairs Team TEN) He plays the No.1 pediatric surgeon, Kim Do Han. He set the record for joining the society of pediatric surgeons at the youngest age. His skill is recognized and accepted as the best. He is also an assistant professor who will mentor the fellows, and come to make their lives a living hell. He’s a pretty tough, arrogant, and challenging teacher with the charisma of the devil. He reprimands his fellows even for the slightest mistake. So people can’t help but be tense in front of him. But in truth, Do Han cares about the patient’s health the most. He also cherishes the Department of Pediatric Surgery because of his hidden sadness of the past. He’ll start out the drama engaged to Chae Kyung but eventually fall for Yeon Soo for her humane reflection to life.

Kim Min-seo (Level 7 Civil Servant) She plays Yoo Chae Kyung, Do Han’s fiancée. She and Do Han are a perfect combination until she notices another girl take Do Han’s heart away. She finished her MBA in hospital management at Stanford and she returned to Korea to work as a manager on the planning board for a Seongwon University Hospital. As the only daughter to the late foundation’s director who was deeply cherished, she’s keenly aware of the nepotism prejudice and proves her worth by being cool-headed, capable, and assertive. Her brilliant brain, beautiful looks, and ruthless vanity are all charming characteristics, but underneath all that she has a painful memory of losing her mom at young age and seeing her father remarry. And now, she is trying to rightfully take ownership of the foundation that has been handed down to her new stepmother after her father passed away.

Kim Young-kwang (Birth Secret). He plays Han Jin Wook, a fourth-year resident of pediatric surgery who’s warm and friendly and a trustworthy colleague to Moon Chae-won and Joo Sang-wook. He’s also the first to bond with Joo-won’s character as a friendly hyung.

Cheon Ho Jin (All About My Romance). He plays Choi Woo Seok.

Kwak Do Won (Ghost) He plays Deputy Director Kang Hyun Tae.












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