Two Weeks

I’m really looking forward to this the most among all the August drama. This is the modern-version of Mandate of Heaven, which has a great cast to portray it. 

Two Weeks is a thriller drama starring Lee Jun-ki as an ordinary man who finds out that he has an eight-year old daughter that he never knew about with his first love, Park Ha-sun. He lives life rather meaninglessly, until he somehow becomes wrongfully accused of murder. He finds out that his daughter has leukemia and embarks on a race against the clock to save the girl’s life, while he also dodges killers and prosecutors and unjust accusations. This ensues a two weeks desperate struggle to save himself and her life.

Penning the drama is writer So Hyun-Kyung of My Daughter Seo Young and 49 Days. Although this a recurring drama concept for the year, Two Weeks was an idea she first began working on in 2007. In fact, she’s already written the first five episodes. This project got pushed back when she got busy working on other shows, but has now gotten the greenlight from MBC.

Two Weeks will premiere in August 7 on MBC, following Queen of the Classroom.


Lee Jun-ki (Arang and the Magistrate) He plays Jang Tae San who is wrongly accused of murder and is now scrambling to save his sick daughter. He never knew his father while his mother cut herself to death on his 8th birthday. He begins to use his fists to resolve  his loneliness, helplessness, and anger in the orphanage. Eventually, he becomes a gangster with no status and name basically, just an underling trying to survive. He pretends to be thick-skinned and not giving a damn on life. However, he is a man who values friendships and his relationships, and loves to laugh and cry a lot. After he meets In Hye, his ice cold heart begins to melt because of his love for her. Moon Il Seok threatens him to turn himself in for his violent acts and if he doesn’t do that, In Hye’s life will be in danger. Hence, he has no choice but to abandon In Hye and send her for abortion, thinking she’ll be happier without him. However, 8 years later, In Hye finds him to ask him to do a bone marrow test because their daughter now has leukemia. His bone marrow and his daughter are a match. Guilt and gratefulness instantly fill his heart.

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 Park Ha-sun (Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek) She plays Seo In Hye, the first love Lee Jun-ki can’t forget. She raised their daughter alone for eight years.  She’s a character with a lot of pain.

Ryu Soo-young (Rascal Sons) He plays Im Sang Goo, a top notch policeman who leads the manhunt. He believes strongly in his judgement that comes across as arrogant and overconfident. He is a competitive man who will never give up and losing to him means death. Because of his dream to become a policeman, he drop out of medical school. He is the current fiance of In Hye. He spent a lot of time and effort to catch her heart.  His family of conservative policemen disapproved of the marriage but Sang Goo’s perseverance paid off. When he found out that Tae San was In Hye’s ex,  jealousy clouded his judgement. The truth shocked him that In Hye’s daughter, whom he had treated as his own is actually Tae San’s had him boiling in anger. He wants to catch Tae San and get rid of him from In Hye’s life.


Kim So-yeon (The Great Seer) She plays Park Jae Kyung, the lead prosecutor who’s chasing him down. She’s considered an idiot in the police department so they just arrange simple cases for her. She’s totally different normal women. But in some circumstances, she can also cunning without knowing how to stop before going too far. There’s no way to know what’s going on in her mind. Although there is hatred inside her heart because of Moon Il Seok  and Jo Seo Hee. She witnessed how her father was stabbed by Moon Il Seok. She went to seek help from Lawyer Jo Seo Hee but was denied. She made up her mind to catch them, bring their repulsive deed to make public. It became the reason for her to continue living. She supported secret agent Oh Mi Suk, who gave the information that Il Seok’s hunting dog, Tae San has a camera with collusive proofs. She must arrest Tae San and retrieve the camera. She made all her effort to chase Tae San, but instead helps him out on his plight.


Jo Min Ki (The Great Seer) He plays Moon Il Seok who has a gang member background. He is now a business man who appears to be kind but is actually heartless beneath the facade. He has a scary and cruel nature, towards those who oppose him. He gets rid of them and cleans off everything related to them. He joins hands with Jo Seo Hye  to make money and power. When something big befalls on him, he simply lets Tae San who is not worth mentioning to take the blame. He will do everything to silence Tae San who knows his big secret.

Kim Hye Ok (All About my Romance) She plays Jo Seo Hee, a 3rd generation politician of Yeo Dang(political party). Although she has been called Korea’s ‘Mother Theresa’  politician, but in actual fact, she is on the side of Moon Il Seok with gang background, in cahoots with him, and has a greedy side of her. She does her work discreetly, without leaving a trace of evidence for anyone to catch her with. She realised that the evidence that could expose her is in Jae Kyung’s hands, facing her life’s biggest danger.

Lee Chai Mi (Crazy Love) She plays Soo-Jin, Tae San’s sick daughter. Because of her leukemia relapse, transplanting bone marrow is the only last hope. She has the character of her mother, bright and positive and inherited her father’s traits of the love of all sorts of sports; a very cute child. She thinks very maturely, unlike kids of her age. She saw the photo of Tae San In Hye tore off accidentally, and look at it time and again, and hence was able to recognise Tae San as her father immediately in the hospital.

Song Jae-rim (Nail Shop Paris) He plays an expert killer who’s out to silence Tae San before he’s captured by the authorities.

Yoon Hee Suk (Horse Doctor) He plays Do Sang Hoon, a researcher in Jae Kyung’s office. He lives with the nagging of Jae Kyung each day as he does things in a blur state. He is considered Jae Kyung’s daddy-long-legs figure.

Kim Hyo Seo (Boy Meets Girl) She plays Park Ji Sook who was classmates with Seung Woo when he was studying medicine for a year. She is also Soo Jin’s doctor-in-charge.
Cheon Ho Jin (Bravo My Life) He plays Han Chi Gook, an ex-boss of another gang, and was once in control of the north area years ago. He was defeated by Moon Il Seok and thereafter his organisation was destroyed. While escaping from Moon Il Seok injured, he met Tae San. He managed to survive after some hesitation from Tae San. He was at loggerheads with Moon Il Seok since 20 years ago. He is now selling herbal medicine.
Uhm Hyo Seob (Gu Family Book) He plays Han Jung Woo, a south region police investigator officer. Jae Kyung’s superior. He is a man who is cool and loves to laugh, a man with almost no anger. However, he is seen as the ‘reaper of the netherworld’ in the criminals’ eyes and known as the ‘big section head’ in the investigators’ office. A man who is soft on the inside but hard on the outside.


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2 thoughts on “Two Weeks

  1. I’m looking forward to this series because of Lee Jun Ki, hehe! I’ve yet to see any promos-youtube won’t work so I can’t see any but am planning to recap it! Hope it turns out amazing good! I haven’t seen MD Soo Young (any idea how it was?) but loved 49 days-even the ending! 😀

    • Oh that’s great! I’ll probably read your recaps then 😀 Although expect a late reply from me since I need subs 😛 I haven’t seen MD Soo Young but it received good ratings. It’s because of that drama, Lee Bo Young is having a career revival. I also loved 49 Days ❤ I think we can expect great things from this. 2 more days to wait! 😀

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