Good Doctor First Impressions

I knew a good cast like this would make the right decision. This drama has great potential. 

Expectations: Low-Moderate

Verdict: Good

Summary: It begins with Shi On waiting for a train and reminiscing his sad past. He was on his way to Seongwon University Hospital but a child got into an accident. He tries to save the child but because of this he was late for the residency appointment. The board rejected his residency acceptance until a video his operation was broadcasted. Director gave a condition that he will quit if Shi On does not succeed to communicate with others properly for six months. Yeon Soo went out to drink when Do Han scolded her and decided not to use her methods for Eun Ji’s operation the next day. She accidently slept in Shi On’s house and accuses him. While doing rounds, Shi On discovers Seung Ho, a patient who had a complication with his bilary cyst operation in the previous day. He breaks protocol by dragging the child in the operation room. Do Han gets angry but decides to break the team and conduct the two operations simultaneously. It ended up successfully but Do Han is very angry with Shi On that he makes him leave the hospital early.

Thoughts: I’m a pre-med student so I’m rather critical about medical dramas. Joo Won is displaying some good acting skills but the sound of his voice is irritating me. I don’t know if it’s because I never paid attention to it before or if he’s making it sound more childish and high-pitched on purpose. The story so far is pretty much your standard medical drama. Although what I like about Good Doctor is it’s cheeky comedy. I didn’t expect medical dramas to be able to give me a good laugh at the right moments. It’s great that the focus is on medical ethics. More often than not, this is an area taken for granted. How exactly should proper medical care be delivered? At what expense are you willing to fight for that life you’re trying to save? Or will you instead protect your current status and bypass that? What exactly is the mindset a doctor should have? I know how medical politics is still a sub-plot but it’s nice that this focuses more on how Shi On tries to fit in. In a society, where people don’t trust professionals with an abnormality, I think an interesting issue to explore on. The lighting looks like it was filmed with special lens giving the actors a pop out effect. The camera angles are quite interesting but I don’t like how it’s used in the operating room. It glorifies the doctor and the scalpel instead of trying to save the patient. Well these are just minor quibbles of mine though. This is an advocacy drama and I think it’s doing pretty well so far. I think this will be a fun drama to actually analyze. I might give commentaries starting the next episode.

Initial Rating: 8/10

2 thoughts on “Good Doctor First Impressions

  1. I’m pretty sure Joo Won’s tone of voice is intentional. I personally feel like it’s befitting of his autistic character, so it hasn’t bothered me as much.
    I’m really liking the drama overall!

    • I think the voice was intentional also. It wasn’t as bad in episode 2. I like how the characters were written as well. I rarely do character analysis in my first impressions posts but Do Han is a figure to be admired. I thought he would be the regular second lead who’s almost perfect except for his nasty personality. Except here, Do Han’s anger and firmness is justified.

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