Drama Bites: Good Doctor Episodes 7-8

Good Doctor Episode 7 Review: Joo Won Returns to the Hospital by HimselfSorry for the quality of the post this week. I couldn’t spend time writing because of a MAJOR exam this Saturday. Anyway, I hope what I have this week will suffice.


It’s so hard when you’re efforts are treated as nothing. You mean well but people still question you. Even though Shi On has no fault in releasing Eun Ok, the repercussions of the things you did will always remain. It pays to be careful.  Assuming responsibility is hard but it’s a part of growing up that Shi On has yet to reach. To be able to bite your pride and accept you’re wrong was never easy and painless. In contrast, we see Director Choi keep his word and promises to step down. He knows he has failed the hospital and will face the punishment for it. In the same way, Yoon Soo couldn’t cuddle him (figuratively) and say everything will be alright.


Director Choi revealed that Shi On is locking his memories of the past. That hampers his growth immensely because he can’t move on properly. He’s just blocking them out and running away from all the pain. The comparison to Peter Pan was pretty good. It’s a perfect way of describing Shi On’s character. Although this memory loss tidbit is a rather convenient set-up for the mother issues to surface. The core of the frayed relationship is still the lack of communication. One recurring theme of the drama. But Do Han allowing Shi On to participate in the new patient’s case is showing how he’s trying to bridge that communication barrier with Shi On.


“You have the passion but no power. “ So this is the statement that ties Do Han and Chae Kyung together. They both possess one aspect and lack the other thus are stuck at their current positions. They want change to happen. It’s not necessarily the same vision but because they lack that aspect, they aren’t getting closer to what they want to accomplish. image

What was pretty nice this week was there were a lot of cute moments with our love lines. Shi On finally is aware he has a crush on Yoon Soo. Although I’m a bit disappointed that it was In Hae who had to point it out to him. Not to mention, she obviously has a crush on Shi On. I don’t think there was an instance that shows why she likes him. I just hope it doesn’t develop into something more. Of course, we have more of the minor characters which I don’t think I need to expound on.


The bitchy aunt makes her appearance. While it’s obvious what she’s doing is wrong, law states she’s the legal guardian and still has the final say over Eun Ok. The Chief Nurse and Yoon Soo had no right to react the way they did. Talking and convincing the aunt would have been fine if they explained the situation to her properly. But all I saw was them being condescending and making it seem they are the ones who are correct.


Chae Kyung brings up an interesting point that the hospital has to viewed overall and not by the parts. Sometimes the part is just a symptom of a bigger problem that is too difficult to comprehend unless you are aware of the extent. It’s funny how after Eun Ok’s case, Gyu Won’s case was exactly what Chae Kyung described. I noticed that Good Doctor likes to give us foreshadowing in subtle ways ahead of time.


Because Director Choi found out about Assistant Director’s ploy after he was given help with Shi On incident. But because he wants to remove Assistant Director from his position, chaos will brought to the hospital. The power struggle is beginning to become more intense. Let’s see what’s in store for us next week. Good Doctor Episode 8 Review: Joo Won Meets a Vocalist Patient


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