Drama Bites: Good Doctor Episodes 9-10

I’m sorry for the late and short post. I had philosophy group orals and a bunch of other commitments I couldn’t put on hold. Also this week wasn’t as engaging as usual. It’s not surprising the ratings didn’t get any higher.  Anyway, it’s uncanny how Park Shi On saved all the troublesome patients. It’s not believable but the show manages to sell it to us. Although it would be great to see him fail soon because that raises the stakes. Well, I didn’t like how he was able to get Gyu Hyun to stop his suicide. It was not as if he knew about  Shi On’s rabbit and older brother. That was actually the first time I felt everything was staged to get some warm-hearted tears.

Il Gyu said a fallacious statement that doing trouble is bad. What is right isn’t always good. So you judge a person’s character by his mere action? How will you know what he’s truly capable of if you look with partiality and clouded eyes?

The episodes focused on how parents raised their children. Any parent would want their child to be the best. Gyu Hyun’s mother thought that being a strict authoritarian was the correct teaching model. But we find out that it was only hampering Gyu Hyun’s real dream.  I liked how Shi On made Gyu Hyun remember the real reason why he liked to sing. When a person realizes what his dream is, any how to get there will be bearable.

Do Han is transferring Shi On to another department, the Drugs and Dispensary. He’s not doing this on a mere whim. He actually thought of Park Shi On’s specialty, which was his accurate memory of the location of body parts and its pathway effects. Although this move seems like Do Han is giving up on himself. He doesn’t trust that he’ll be able to guide Shi On properly just as he did with his brother. Of course, Shi On doesn’t know the pains that Do Han is experiencing and only thinks of him as a bad guy. Although Do Han is managed to be convinced to transfer otherwise because of Assistant Director and Yoon Soo’s words. At least, he’s giving himself trying to be open by giving himself another chance.

I don’t understand why Shi On is forcing himself to be in the surgery department. It’s dream but can’t the dream change form? He’s still doing something for the kids. Not to mention, he’s good at it. Can’t he make a bigger difference in that department? Drugs are on the preventive side, while surgery is curative. If you have the drugs that will help the patients get better before he gets the surgery, wouldn’t that be better? Does the credit of being head doctor in surgery all that?

Yoon Soo was finally given her first real operation with Gyu Hyun. It’s interesting to see how Do Han is the one who notices her mental problem due to the death of one of her patients in the operation room, while she confides her real fear to Shi On. It truly represents how their current relationship is. Do Han was worried about her and encourages her that he also couldn’t eat. She was coping with the pain much better than he did. On the other hand, Shi On didn’t need any words to convey that he believed in her. Their growing attachment of being able to rely on one another is what it making them closer.

We get introduced to a new patient this week, an expectant mother with a baby with a cyst. In a conference for her operation, it was hinted that the following week’s dilemma would be to save the mother or the baby. This is one of man’s favorite debates. Who should we save? At the end of the day, I’ll go with the mother like the doctors here said because she’s capable of giving birth to another child. The dead child would be mourned for but the damage to the family isn’t as painful if the mother was the one who died.

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