Weekly News Update: September 1, 2013 to September 7, 2013


  • Han Chae Ah (All About Romance) will round up the main cast of Future Choice as a morning show reporter. On board also are Choi Myung-gil (I Summon You, Gold) as Future Yoon Eun-hye, Oh Jung Se (I Miss You) and Lee Jung Hyuk (I Hear Your Voice).
  • Jae Hee (Jang Ok Jung) will be the main lead for jTBC weekend drama The Eldest. It’s a period piece set in the 1960s where five siblings are orphaned and raised by the eldest unni to be played by Yoon Jung Hee (Family’s Honor).  Jae Hee will be the love interest. This is slated to air after War of the Flowers in September. At the helm, is the PD of Thousand Day Promise and the writer of If Tomorrow Comes. 
  • Lee Seung-gi has confirmed that he’ll be teaming up with PD Na Young-seok for the next season of his travel backpacking series. It’s not confirmed if it’s Grandpas Over Flowers Season 2 or a different variety show altogether. The destination and main cast are still unconfirmed, but being courted are Yoon Yeo-jung (Aging Family) and Kim Hee-ae (A Wife’s Credentials). The plan is to have four actresses just like the halbae cast, with Seung-gi as the luggage boy. This season airs in November. It airs on Fridays on tvN.
  • MBC’s upcoming sageuk epic Empress Ki casted Ji Chang-wook (Five Fingers) as the Yuan Emperor Togon-temür, who eventually takes the heroine as his royal concubine. We’ll meet him when he’s a prince, during his exile in Goryeo. The drama comes from the writing team behind Incarnation of Money, and the PD of Dr. Jin. It follows Goddess of Fire Jung-yi and premieres in October on MBC.
  • Lee Soon Jin (Gye Baek) and Kim Hee Sun (Faith) are considering a Lee Kyung Hee penned drama being prepped by KBS for 2014.


  • New film called Do-hee-ya, about a young girl surrounded in mystery and the small town police officer who tries to save her. It stars Kim Sae-ron(Queen’s Classroom) as the titular Do-hee, a curious young girl who’s alternately rebellious and innocent, and going through a crisis of sexual identity. Bae Doo-na (Cloud Atlas) plays the small town police chief who has secrets of her own, and her life gets turned upside-down when she gets caught up in trying to help Do-hee. Song Sae-byuk (Tone-Deaf Clinic) co-stars as Do-hee’s stepfather, who is probably does TERRIBLE at home causing her sexual confusion. This film will be the feature debut of director Jung Juri and PD Lee Chang-dong (Poetry) as producer. Do-hee-ya starts shooting next week for a May 2014 release.
  • Jo In-sung just dropped the futuristic thriller film he’d signed on back in 2011, Fist Fighting. Reportedly, he’s leaving the production because of scheduling conflicts, but it’s probably because of the budget issues that delayed filming.

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