Drama Bites: Good Doctor Episodes 11-12

Episodes 11-12

There was a slight increase in ratings this week but I don’t think it can break into the 20% barrier just yet. The gimmicks of the drama are pretty much the same. We get introduced to a new patient on the Tuesday episode and this patient gets fleshed out in the Monday episode where they place heart-inducing cliffhangers. One that usually involves the pulse crashing. Well I’m a bit glad we explored something a little different this week. A recurring theme this week is mothers. There are four mothers we can look into.

We first have Shi On’s mother who wants to reconnect with her son but is very passive in doing so. She seems quite restraint and hesitant to approach him because the awkward distance between them is her fault. The memory loss tidbit complicates their situation even more. She recognizes it and can’t make excuses for what she did. That is why she is ashamed. Her method of atonement is to continue staying away from Shi On. This of course doesn’t solve anything and makes everything more difficult and painful for her. I don’t agree with her decision because it’s ruled by fear. Will trying have an effect on Shi On’s condition? Is this something she is considering in hiding her real identity?

Then there’s Soo Jin, the expectant mother. When she was introduced, she was the type to waver easily and listen to other’s opinions. But now we see her grow a spine and decide to fight for the child that her family wants to get rid of. She is like a robot who follows what is told of her. That is not the best environment to grow a child. Soo Jin got fed up and is tired of hoping for change to happen. Its her desire of wanting a better future for her child that is making her strong. She definitely scared and weak but in contrast to Shi On’s mother, she is definitely taking on the risk that should be lauded.

We see that Soo Jin’s mother-in-law is very stubborn and traditional. Even if she is already in the wrong, she forces Soo Jin to abide by her rules and beliefs. What’s worst is that Soo Jin’s husband is nowhere in the country to protect her and say no. It must be difficult to be pregnant in such a household. It’s nice that the husband came for Soo Jin even if it was too late. Their ending was somewhat a hopeful beginning where they get to move out of the clutches of the mother-in-law. Similarly, Gyu Hun’s mother was as unrelenting like Soo Jin’s mother-in-law and worst even because she was authoritative. But she eventually learned to properly listen to her son. Maybe mother-in-law will learn a thing or two soon enough. It’s great that Gyu Hyun’s family decided on adopting Eun Ok. She’s like a glue that helped bring back the happiness of their family. So adopting her is like paying it forward.

Aside from the importance of mothers, the other parts of the overarching plot has made some progress. The reason for Assistant Director’s schemes are slowly being revealed. The plan is to make the children’s hospital a profitable venture because parents would do anything for their children. He pretends to show concern to Do Han and Shi On because they are figures that will increase the popularity of the hospital. This awful but what does he even get out of this?

There are also signs that Do Han is finally accepting Shi On. It’s the first time he hasn’t threatened him to leave the pediatric surgery department. The fact that he took the gift was quite heart-warming. It reminded him of his brother. This shows us how Do Han is trying to trust again. Not just Shi On but his capabilities to guide Shi On in becoming a better doctor.

Do Han even compliments Shi On for the baby’s operation and perfecting his oral exam. He even takes the liberty teaching him via virtual simulation. Do Han is subjecting Shi On to extreme pressure because it’s the quickest way to break his weakness. It’s going to be painful and embarrassing but it’s only when he surpasses it that he can become a surgeon. Do Han’s words strike the heart “you’ll only be a shell who memorizes everything” if you give up on this. Surgery is no joke. A tiny mistake can cost the life of a patient. That is why Do Han is harsh because he values his patients.

We also see how Shi On is slowly remembering his memories. He feels guilt and pain as he questions why was he was the one who was saved instead of his smarter and stronger brother? It’s quite tormenting for a child to ask that. But more so for a grown-up to have never stopped asking the same question. This question is the reason for Shi On’s self-condemnation. He hates the fact he was the one saved. He thinks he doesn’t deserve it. Why him of all people? The safe and most comforting answer he can ever get is there was a higher chance of him living because of the breathing pulse. It’s a call that Director Choi made as a doctor. Being a doctor is hard because even if you want to save everyone, you just can’t. Shi On’s repayment to his brother is to serve children. But that is not the right way to “atone” and give thanks for the second life he was given. There is no meaning to his life because the reason why he chooses to live and do the things he’s doing doesn’t stem from an understanding of himself.

It’s a bit obvious that when the mother mentioned the father’s abuse to Shi On, he would make his appearance. Although it’s a bit inorganic considering the documentary was a  deus ex machina. He’s just a plot point meant for Shi On to overcome the past and reconcile with his mother. Not my favorite moment but we’ll be seeing lots and lots of angst next week definitely.

In the romance department, there has also been some development. My favorite couple has to be Jin Wook and In Young. I love how sincere Jin Wook is. It’s nice he tries to make her feel at ease despite the awkward air since his confession. But In Young has a point. She is busy worrying about In Hye to be able to focus on other things such as love. She definitely respects Jin Wook but the position of doctor-guardian is a bit hard to erase. They have to overcome their social roles I’m a bit worried about In Young though. It seems like she will get the infection Doctor Kim is warning her about. And who else will be there to care for her and let herself cry out her frustration? Ok, I’m just getting carried away with the possibilities this pairing has to offering. But there was increased tension between them when Jin Wook finally sees where In Young works and all he can feel for her is pity for her sadness. He wants to reach out to her but doesn’t know how to without making her building up her defenses.

On to the main couple love line, Do Han celebrates his birthday. Even with that kind of occasion, Do Han and Chae Kyung only talk about is work, work, work. Chae Kyung’s form of love is raising Do Han’s status. But as Shi On pointed out, she should be spending more time with him since he rarely smiles. Although whenever he’s with Yoon Seo, the opposite happens. He can relax and joke around. It’s no wonder he asked Yoon Seo to celebrate his birthday with him. It was a bit cute that Do Han kept bringing up Yoon Seo’s confession. I think he secretly likes the idea she has a crush on him. I mean who wouldn’t? It makes you feel a teeny bit more special. But Yoon Seo apparently gave up because of Chae Kyung. Yoon Seo believes that she is a great woman who she can’t measure up to. No, sister. If you only knew. Does Do Han know he’s falling for Yoon Seo already? I wonder how he’ll react when he realizes it. There’s going to be lots of denial. Heee.

Too bad for Do Han that Yoon Seo is slowly getting attached to Shi On. Their relationship is more like a mother protecting a scared child…. which is why I’m not really into this pairing. The scene where she gently pats Shi On to sleep in the bed perfectly depicts that. It’s nice how Shi On can find solace in another since he’s been all alone for so long. But it’s really a no for me. The only one who really benefits in the relationship is Shi On. It maybe true that Yoon Seo got her idealism back because of him but that’s about it. Do Han, on the other hand challenges her to become a better person, even if he may come off as rude. Ok, I know I’m in a sinking ship but Moon Chae Won and Joo Sang Wook look perfect for each other. Regardless, I’m surprised an attempted confession happened. Yoon Seo knows something is up. I think she knows Shi On likes her to a certain degree because she found the whole rose ordeal quite cute even if it was klutzy.

Although I didn’t expect Shi On’s confession to happen so suddenly. He wants to be someone who his girlfriend could be proud of but he knows that can never happen because of his autism. He wants to become someone great quickly so he won’t feel as lonely.Yoon Seo knows that Shi On is impatient and wants to get everything done right away. But there’s a value in patience. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there as long as you do.

On the other side of the love quadrangle, Do Han and Chae Kyung both acknowledge their distance from one another. It’s interesting how Chae Kyung points out that there is no emotions attached with this. They should be feeling sad but they’re just going through the motions of their roles. Although their relationship has always looked like it’s been a one-sided love for Chae Kyung. Do Han doesn’t seem to reciprocate the feelings and is going along with the flow. It’s always Chae Kyung making an effort but her efforts aren’t as sincere as it used to be.

Yesssss finally my first favorite key moment in this whole series. It’s been a rough day for Shi On and because of that he easily gives up.  The world requires so much qualifications and because he’s different. He’s never got to acquire the bare minimum. It’s easy to give up on things when the world is like that. When the world doesn’t allow you to become a part of it. But in reality, it’s just his fear that’s binding him. He’s got the skills, Shi On just needs to be certain of himself. That is why the scene when Do Han fought for him against the drunken guys was beautiful. So is Shi On going to let people get the better of him? And Do Han says to fight and don’t let the world abuse him. There’s someone out there who knows and believes he can do it. Shi On just needs to be able to stand up for himself.


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