Drama Bites: Good Doctor Episodes 13-14

Episodes 13-14

I’m sorry but just a warning I think all my remaining posts on Good Doctor wouldn’t be of quality since it’s hell month. Sadly, my finals are actually on the last week of Good Doctor. I do want to give posts on time that I will definitely promise you. On the opposite spectrum, the story suddenly got better. I think it’s slowly moving to the climax and tying the loose ends together.

Shi On’s family background is put in the foreground. As the suggestion of one of the doctors, he needs a loving condition in the present so he can have a realization and move on from the past. The situation is difficult since the appearance of the father is blocking Shi On’s sharp memory. That was his edge as a doctor, now that it’s gone. What else does Shi On have to offer? It really helps to have Do Han and Yoon Seo know the whole situation. Shi On now has two people he can rely on. (Hahaha although it was quite cute how the nurses are making an effort as well)

I forgot to elaborate last week about the brotherly connection that Shi On and Do Han share. It’s apparent that Do Han sees his own autistic brother in Shi On, which is why he gets angry because he doesn’t want him to end up like his brother who he tried to do normal activities. But Shi On is starting to see that Do Han is like his older brother who will defend him no matter what. I just realized that Shi Deok gave up a lot things for Shi On’s happiness. I get the foreshadowing that Do Han will be the same and give up Yoon Seo for Shi On’s happiness.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. I was quite surprised that the mother actually confronted the father to not show himself to Shi On anymore. She does love Shi On in her own distant way. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when Shi On’s mother made an effort to reveal herself to Shi On but it failed. That took so much out her. To finally own up to her mistake. Yet Shi On just pushed her aside. It’s difficult to suddenly warm up and welcome your mother like nothing happened. The fact was she left him.

What I liked the most for the past two episodes was the motivations of Shi On’s parents. Dad is still the same angry drunken man. But this anger was probably worsened due to Director Choi’s presence. Oh wow. I did not expect the parent’s and Director Choi to have a love triangle. Did he care for Shi On because he had an ulterior motive of getting close to the mother? And did he take care of Shi On after was because of guilt that he caused the terrible state of Shi On’s family? I think Director Choi is upright but it would be so badass for him to actually be jaded.

About Shi On’s father’s cancer, it’s obviously going to end in death. Convenient way to dispose of his character later on but the important thing is that he’s there for Shi On reconcile the past. His anger is misdirected at Shi On because he can’t accept that his wife cheated on him (even though she didn’t) and especially the fact that he’s about to die. Trying to get money and care from Shi On in his rough and nasty way is the only thing left he could do.

The hospital politics become more intensified. The foundation is about to collapse and Assistant Director leaving the place because he will be the one managing the place. So the reason why he’s trying o get the good doctors is out of respect. But why is the tone he’s asking seem fake?

Creepy mysterious guy is finally introduced as Chairman Jeong. He comes in as an investor to make everything legal. It seems like he has something to do with the Chae Kyung’s father’s death. I hope they explore what happened in the past with a flashback and not through conversations that make me zone out. But why the hell is Chae Kyung siding with the bad guy? That is so twisted. She looks so ignorant and naïve. Chairwoman Lee left important details away and let Chae Kyung but all the blame on her. I hope this stepmother-daughter pair fix their relationship soon. Everything is going to backfire on her soon enough.

On a lesser scale of hospital politics, Supervisor Go actually doesn’t like that he got his position because of his brother-in-law. He is similar like Shi On that no one respects and acknowledges him. It seems sad but the reason why he is the way he is because he thinks it’s how people will finally accept him. I think beneath all that gruffness is someone who actually exerted effort and that effort was never recognized because the world only cares about results.

Back to our love matters, Yoon Seo is actually quite dense when it comes to love. I thought when Shi On gave her the flower, she already knew. Well that’s interesting. It’s not everyday you see someone so capable yet so lacking at the same time. It was awkward watching the scene where she was kindly telling Shi On that they are nothing more than friends. Shi On accepts that he was turned down quite gracefully. It does seem frustrating but nothing else to do. I loved how Yoon Seo later acknowledges that she was indeed acting out as a mother who was worried about Shi On in every little situation. She failed to see him in equal terms.

Jin Wook means well but what he’ saying can get misinterpreted. In In Young’s eyes, he looks like he’s showing off. She still has some pride. She hates how poor they are. Even if she is forced to do a disgusting job, she will do so just to get the money because that’s how much she loves her sister. In Hye finds out the truth by sneaking out of the hospital. This conflict will probably escalate next week.

There weren’t as much cases this week. Both were used to highlight something about Shi On. The first was the emergency, which forced Shi On to be the operating surgeon. He’s getting nervous because he hasn’t cured his panic attacks during operation and not to mention, his accurate visualization was failing him. It was cute that Yoon Seo and Do Han’s words get to him and he finished up the operation well. He’s survived one hurdle. If only he addresses his past. Although it’s a bit unfair considering the seniority that Shi On gets to operate before the other interns.

Anyway, there’s also Dong Jin’s pancreatic cyst. Shi On knows he’s been experiencing pain since yesterday yet he withheld the information. I don’t understand why he didn’t say anything when Dong Jin fainted. Was he being really considerate of Dong Jin’s feelings? But why wait until Yoon Seo got into trouble? Well either way, Yoon Seo got mad. She knows it’s her fault. She thinks that Shi On is just taking the blame because he likes her. I buy the fact he forgot it but I can’t get over why he had to wait for it this bad. 

I feel like Dong Jin was just used to get Shi On and Yoon Seo some skinship. Shi On mentioned taking responsibility for things you didn’t go is to give comfort and consideration to others. Yoon Seo isn’t comforted by the sacrifice and needs sincere comfort. It doesn’t help that Do Han advises Shi On to comfort her properly. It sounds the innuendo was intended.


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